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  1. Hello! I have two extra tickets for tonight's Wolftrap show. It's ORCH row K (row 11). Just asking for face value. Feel free to email me at lonelysatellite@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Anyone else a Grant Lee Buffalo fan? They just played 2 sold out shows in L.A. and I am dying to hear them. Anyone happen to have a recording? I would be eternally grateful! Thanks!
  3. Call me a glutton for punishment but now I really, really wanna see the video for "Shot in the Arm" (the previously posted link didn't work for me). Can anyone hook a sista up?
  4. EDIT: already taken. Thanks!
  5. UPDATE: sold! Thanks so much!
  6. I suddenly can't go see Wilco in Wilmington, DE on Friday, July 10th because my little boy decided to make his world debut a bit early. Each ticket is $37 (face value) with $1 shipping and handling. Email me at: lonelysatellite@gmail.com if interested. Thanks! P.S. My son, Ben, says hello!
  7. It really was. I'm pregnant and tired as hell these days but, Christ, I was up dancing my ass off. Cannot wait to hear a bootleg of this show!
  8. That was the best show I have ever seen by anyone. I'm speechless.
  9. YAY! Got tickets! Cletus the Fetus and I are so excited. Good luck to everyone getting tix, too!
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