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  1. Looks like a great list of ideas here. Plenty I wouldn't have thought of before. Thanks for everyone's help & feel free to keep any ideas flowing for the next week or so!
  2. Hey team - I'm heading to NYC in a week to visit some friends who are either out there working for the summer or have moved out there. I've never been before, and am from Southern California. What are your recommendations for places I need to make sure to get out to (aside from the obvious tourist-y destinations) - I'm talking about cool local hangouts, and definitely some infamous NYC record stores that I've heard mentioned so many times as being the best in the world. I'm 21, but I don't want any sort of club/bar recommendations as I don't drink and I'm going to meet up w/ my girlfriend so
  3. Have the single...two copies in fact since I bought a strap and got the bonus 7" for free, but already had it...but a PM w/ mp3 would be nice...
  4. Looks like the setlist is kind of set though...with the exception of PKB/You & I/Outtasite, I'm not too bummed I ended up having to miss this one. Pomona & Wiltern night 1 hit most of the big ones I wanted to see. But then again, seeing You & I would be great...
  5. Does anyone have any tickets available for tomorrow night (June 25th) at the Wiltern? Could be one, preferably two. Thanks for help! E-mail is morbono@gmail.com ! Edit - no longer needed. Thanks though!
  6. I've got a picture. Looked that way to me, I was at the bar right in front of him. I'll post it here mid-week. Any tapers out there? Great, great show tonight. Lots of crowd interaction and just very relaxed feel. Nels was amazing on Impossible Germany covering for Jeff. Loved that version. He just came right back into it without any trouble at all..it was all so seamless and though I saw/heard Jeff say f*** during that moment, as soon as he got the new SG swapped in he was all smiles again. Great night. Great venue.
  7. r1vers

    Wilco Vinyl

    agreed. i've ordered with them before, and they do great work. placed my order for summerteeth & being there this morning.
  8. first time on any wilco boards but a long time fan...also wondering if anyone recorded the broadcast. it was my first time actually being able to see them and had a great night. anyone?
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