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  1. A few deep thoughts from last nights show: Haven't seen the band since they last played SD over 10 years ago. While they have frequented LA many times in the ensuing years, they've always been there on school nights, and given the band's dad rock leanings, that's just not an option. Also, one of the 10 largest cities in the US is not a suburb of LA. Hopefully I won't have to wait another 10. The older songs played are certainly among their best, and I would be happy to hear at any show - Handshake, War, Via, Hummingbird, Jesus, Impossible, CA, AiL, HMD, Spiders - wow!
  2. The return of Dark California Stars seems on deck. Ripple, St. Steve, maybe some Dylan, Band tunes. I'm sure Nels is game for anything. But Jeff singing Brokedown Palace would be nice. Other possibilities: China Doll, Ship of Fools, It Must've Been the Roses, To Lay Me Down, Cosmic Charlie.
  3. Good point. Is Tony Bennet still alive?
  4. What if Jeff were replaced by more a Michael Buble type? Checks the sexy box, and also brings in that key older female demographic. Seems like a win win for everybody.
  5. The question I want answered is who would be Wilco's John Mayer (aka Sexy Jerry), if Jeff were to meet his untimely demise and the band were to carry on? Maybe Ed Sheeran?
  6. I listened to 4/11/72 Other One>Comes a Time on the anniversary. Fucking bonkers.
  7. This new Bob Weir song has potential: https://youtu.be/tKP6sd9fZfQ
  8. A lot of understandable anxiety after the recent Dead & Co debacle. One would hope the promoters and bands would take extra steps to ensure that doesn't happen again with other festivals (band members and staff infections resulting in the fest being cancelled). Of course, impossible to control COVID. I will just speak as someone who returned from a resort vacation in Mexico one week ago. There really is very little concern about catching COVID there. Outside most of the time. When inside, all staff are masked, and guests are encouraged to mask. The resorts are very motivated t
  9. Been listening to the shows Nels did with Phil in 2014. Some good stuff, particularly the Viola Lee gets into a unique and funky groove I've never heard it go to before. Some video too: https://www.jambase.com/article/nels-cline-phil-lesh-friends-2014
  10. Huge Beatles fan, but found this doc to be really tedious. Some interesting moments throughout, interactions between band members, and insights into what lead to their end. But this could've been a 3 hour feature, and then save the rest for bonus scenes or directors cut or whatever. I don't think I ever need to listen to the song Get Back again. How about instead of showing them playing 15 seconds of a hundred different songs, you show them play a few songs the whole way through? I guess I've heard all or most of the audio from these sessions, so nothing really surprising there. Sorry, a lot o
  11. Jonah is a good choice, but not sure how they'll handle the singing and guitar playing - dub in Jon Mayer? Not a fan of rock biopics, but Scorcese did some interesting things with the recent fictionalized Rolling Thunder revue doc. Not sure this is a movie that needs to be made or will be able to capture the depth and breadth of man or the band, but hope its worth a watch.
  12. It's ok. I see that kind of thing a lot. Easy way to dismiss anyone we view as odd. And everyone is ignorant to certain things, myself included. So no offense intended on my part either.
  13. Don't want to derail this topic, but seems like a pretty ignorant thing to say about the Autism spectrum, as well as ADHD. I'm a clinical psychologist. The answer to both is no.
  14. I like Dave but he is polarizing to some, a bit too much of a mild mannered Canadian I suppose. Dick Latvala's gonzo fueled shoes were hard to follow, his exuberance made him a better salesman, which is part of the job. Anyway, Dave's a big Wilco fan, so wondering if he lurks on this board. He's got some nice hats for sale in the gd store.
  15. That looks like a good first show to me.What do you remember most from the night?
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