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  1. Jonah is a good choice, but not sure how they'll handle the singing and guitar playing - dub in Jon Mayer? Not a fan of rock biopics, but Scorcese did some interesting things with the recent fictionalized Rolling Thunder revue doc. Not sure this is a movie that needs to be made or will be able to capture the depth and breadth of man or the band, but hope its worth a watch.
  2. It's ok. I see that kind of thing a lot. Easy way to dismiss anyone we view as odd. And everyone is ignorant to certain things, myself included. So no offense intended on my part either.
  3. Don't want to derail this topic, but seems like a pretty ignorant thing to say about the Autism spectrum, as well as ADHD. I'm a clinical psychologist. The answer to both is no.
  4. I like Dave but he is polarizing to some, a bit too much of a mild mannered Canadian I suppose. Dick Latvala's gonzo fueled shoes were hard to follow, his exuberance made him a better salesman, which is part of the job. Anyway, Dave's a big Wilco fan, so wondering if he lurks on this board. He's got some nice hats for sale in the gd store.
  5. That looks like a good first show to me.What do you remember most from the night?
  6. Music Term: Slate The voice recorded onto the beginning of a master tape to identify the tune and take, or the action of making it. Also refers to the circuit or control which allows you to slate masters. Hope that helps. Not sure why they bothered indicating that on the tracks. Who cares.
  7. A mix of MLB jams: https://saveyourface.posthaven.com/grateful-dead-mind-left-body-jam-1972-1993
  8. Always interesting to see what the Dylanologists come up with about the new material. Apparently the 3 new songs have some pretty direct references to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I have a hard time imagining Dylan has been spending much time reading that lately, but I suppose it's possible. I think Dylan just has the ability to tap into the unconscious and has cracked some sort of linguistic code. Whatever the case, adds a fun layer to the new songs.
  9. Possible dick move would be to request a refund from the point of purchase (ticketmaster, etc.) if you are eligible. Probably would burn bridges with stubhub but f them. My understanding is they are also not giving refunds to buyers who have had events cancelled or rescheduled, instead offering them a credit.
  10. Emotional Rescue is definitely better. Disagree on the others. Saint of Me? C'mon.
  11. Maybe the best stones song since the 70's, which isn't saying much I guess. Don't care for the auto tune bullshit on Mick's vocals. Enjoy the all to brief harmonica.
  12. A singular voice who tapped into his truth and communicated it perfectly. Never been anyone that sounded like him, before or since. Hard to do justice to his greatness in words, just an approximation. The music speaks for itself. RIP Bill.
  13. Although the new 76 box set doesn't blow me away, it is better than expected. Really good sound quality brings the music to life much more than previous listens to 76. But still don't think I would pay for it.
  14. Yes, that's a good way to put it. He seems to think the assassination of JFK was a turning point that has lead to this moment. Although he has said that slavery is something that America has not been able to recover from as well.
  15. Really good. This song will drive the Dylanologists nuts. There are so many references to JFK conspiracy related stuff hidden throughout.
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