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  1. I don't really care about people yelling out, whooping it up, etc...BUT I do find it funny/annoying when certain dudes let out a loud whoop at the beginning/intro of an acoustic song, like a measure or two into Misunderstood or Radio Cure. There were a few of these dudes at the Saturday Fillmore show. The impression I get is they think the band likes it, like they are giving them a whooping seal of approval. If said dudes knew anything about Jeff or Wilco, they'd probably realize how annoying the band finds something like that.
  2. My wife and I got married 6 weeks ago, and two of our friends who are old time musicians did an amazing rendition of "Whole Love" during our ring ceremony. Needless to say, I was totally amped when Wilco played it on Night 3 at the Fillmore, and only wished they had repeated it on Night 4 which was the only night my wife made it to. Would have made an already awesome night that much more magical. Glad you and your wife got to enjoy that moment, not to mention the whole show!
  3. These were an excellent five nights. Initial disappointment that the five nights weren't going to be "play the whole catalog" nights, gave way to a firm appreciation for many of the tunes that were repeated each night, and the subtle but occasionally major variations in each of those songs from night to night... and then pure enthusiasm for the deep cuts that they pulled out every night. At the end, I did not mind hearing five nights of Spiders, especially since the electric version has been absent from west coast setlists since 2009. I must say, one thing that stuck out from me night to n
  4. A couple setlist reflections: This was my 17th Wilco show, going back to 2006. Pretty sure it was my first Reservations. Loved having that in there. In general, the arc of the setlist felt very spontaneous and other than the first few songs and the general idea that Schmilco songs were gonna keep coming, I had no idea what to expect... which is different from most other Wilco shows I've seen and that I paid a little attention to setlists leading up to the show. For example, Reservations > Impossible Germany > Happiness. Speaking of Impossible Germany, pretty sure they have played that
  5. There was. The band was selling both a five night poster ($50), and a poster for just Tuesday's show ($40). THEN the Fillmore handed out the free one after the show. As a poster collector, I gotta say, everyone of them looked great. I'll try to post pics of the five night one and the Fillmore one when I get home
  6. Based on the official Wilco post, looks like the second encore didn't happen. That would have been something else!
  7. Wow. Why did they wait till the second night of this tour to unveil the Schmilco setup?
  8. Was wondering what people's thoughts were regarding what the nature of these shows is gonna be? Will they play a completely different set of songs every night, similar to previous residencies? A focus on Schmilco every night? Gonna be a wild week...
  9. Did not think that Star Wars every night was something that would happen at SF... especially since they sold 5-day tickets... I assumed it would be along the lines of the Riviera residencies...
  10. Will gladly be your plus one for any of the Fillmore shows, if you have an extra... Thanks! herrmannmarty at yahoo.com
  11. No luck on any of the Fillmore shows. If any one needs a plus one, I'll go any night.
  12. Anyone with experience from the Riviera runs know if the band sold 5-day tickets?
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