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  1. Back on here for the first time in a very long time in anticipation of the band's long awaited return to the UK at the end of the year. Was looking to hear one of the recent 2016 shows using the Wilco Archive on Owl & Bear. However, although I can see a 2016 folder on there, it is empty. Have picked off a Sept 2015 show to listen to but anyone know why there are no 2016 shows up there?
  2. Little jealous that both Ashes and VC made it on to the London set but not the Leeds one, but only a little jealous as I had such a great time anyway..... Come back next year guys and tour across the UK ensuring, of course, that you come to Scotland
  3. Ah ha - a boy who likes a bridie, then I'm an adopted Fifer having married one but originally a Buddie - few in the USofA will know what the hell we are on about! I agree re Arcade Fire who I've seen a couple of times - never seen the Lips but I can imagine they are impressive live. I'm going to file away your description of Wilco so I can use it to describe them to people who ask me what they sound like when I am out on my evangelical trail, witnessing for the cause. However, if anyone out there in Via Chicago land has a more succinct way of doing this, I would be interested to he
  4. Thanks for the setlist NGF - my mate was down from Glasgow and I was down from the Kingdom of Fife. So glad we made the trip and I agree with all your comments on the show and your final comment about playing the UK more often is well made. And auctioneer69, you are indeed a very lucky Scotsman to see them frequently. I have just posted a quick note about how wonderful last night was on my fb page directing everyone who don't know Wilco to wilcoworld.net. I am beginning to feel quite evangelical about them!
  5. Having finally lost my Wilco virginity I am basking in the warm post coital glow today Just awesome from start to finish - they are just so tight. Could not believe the intensity which Nels brought to Shot in the Arm which was only second song in! Agree that Jeff mellowed after he apologised for letting us see his "angry face"! Only happy faces on stage and in the hall at the end even though there was no Ashes and no Chicago. Wish I was going to London now.... If anyone was sad enough to make notes, I would be sad enough to read the setlist posted on here
  6. My mate and I are travelling down to Leeds from Scotland tomorrow afternoon and meeting up with another old buddy who lives in York now. Circumstances mean that this is the first gig the three of us have been at together for over 25 years - and it is Wilco! Nice to hear they are in town and raring to go. I am a big fan of Steve Earle and have seen him several times but there would be no contest about who to see in Leeds tomorrow.....
  7. Listened to it all the way through today for the first time in a while as the rain lashed off the car and the streets of Central Scotland and I decided there and then it is, no question, their masterpiece. 'Nuff said.....
  8. Just a couple of days now and, as I sit here listening to the stream of the Dublin shows in August, I realise how excited I am getting about the prospect of finally, finally getting to see this fantastic band. Anyone else out there in rain lashed Northern Britain going along on Tuesday? (Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area - wasn't quite sure if it was to go in the gig bit. Only an occasional poster so not sure of the politics.... )
  9. Never mind the south and north of the US of A or Canada - I've just bought tickets for the gig in Leeds (as in the north of the UK) which I have been waiting for since they canned the SBS tour dates including Newcastle about two years ago. Thank the Lord! Didn't see Jeff at the Mott The Hoople re-union gig I attended in London last week but saw lots of other people over from the US and Canada for it - it was awesome. They did I Wish I Was your Mother but not the Tweedy co-write Henry and the H Bombs
  10. Yup Poland is a bad gig, mate. I am still gutted that the closest the "European" tour gets to me in Scotland is one date in London (now sold out) and one festival appearance up the @rse end of nowhere in Wales. Two dates per 50 million people seems a low average. Having cancelled the Newcastle show I was going to two years ago on the Sky Blue Sky tour, I will need to hope they come back over next year and venture out across the north of the UK....
  11. Just noticed that your first ever post was nearly 13,000 posts ago. I am indeed honoured! Since you are a regular - any idea why I can't see the avatars and other poster info at the left side of my page - I had to click on your name to check out your long history of posting......
  12. Wow! Having now listened to the covers version of that, I really enjoyed Jeff's story about talking to Ian Hunter about it and him forgetting he had written it and Jeff making most of the words up! Pretty sure Ian told this story too in an interview I read when he was promoting his Shrunken Heads album in 2007 where Jeff contributed vocals. Sleeve notes on the compilation Jeff refers to in his banter with the guy in the audience confirm it was a demo, not a B-side. Hence the mumbling and the reason it has dropped from Mr Hunter's mind over the last 30 years.....
  13. Finally, finally got round to downloading the covers songs and just want to say thanks to the Owl and the Bear and whoever the hell else is responsible for having these here online. Mott the Hoople's "I Wish I Was Your Mother" has been a life long favourite of mine and to hear Jeff sing it is just great. I hope to hear Ian Hunter sing it when I travel to London to one of the Hoople's reunion gigs in October. Shame I can't get down to London for Wilco's only UK date in August - we have been waiting a long time to see them here in the north half of the country and it doesn't look like it is
  14. Thanks - that sounds encouraging but I will not hold my breath.....
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