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  1. thought of another one that's got me listening to I Must Be High quite a little bit as of late- "Now your pissed that you missed, the very last kiss, from my lips..." It's not only the words, but the way Jeff delivers them. It comes out so effortless, almost like an afterthought. I just really dig it. Oh, and the part in HMD when you get to imagine Glenn twirling his sticks
  2. "ok alright, ok alright!"- I think someone else said that already but it's worth mentioning again...Love it! The 3 min, 5 second (or so) mark in Theolgians (live)...that yummy little shift in the drum beat makes me smile every time "By the bed, by the light..."- Love the way Jeff's voice comes in on that line on Far, Far Away "I check the mail" when they do Hate it Here live. Love Jeff's falsetto there I know there are many more...time to go listen and recall I guess!!
  3. :wub Me too, Sarah!! Oh wait, this is like deja vu
  4. Oh, totally!! I saw them in Memphis, and then KC last Oct...KC was an outdoor venue and even then it was way cool.
  5. bwahahaha! I was thinking something similar
  6. I'm glad they sucked!! Much rather hear Jeff!
  7. While I do kind of dig the whole "let's sing together and feel the love" thing, I really miss hearing Jeff sing this one...
  8. It feels good to be able to blab incessantly about Wilco with a group of people who do get it for a change
  9. I keep blabbing about it on Facebook...no one seems to get it. I don't care though!
  10. 34? I tried to keep track but it's hard not to get carried away with "nothing!!"
  11. I watched an old youtube vid of PS from 97...it was cool to see the old incarnation of the band, but I love how this song sounds these days. Was a trip seeing Jeff so young though!!
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