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  1. I know that Wilco like standing venues ... so do I, but it's been a long time since I was able to stand through a show. I missed them on their first tour of Australia because I couldn't stand. 2007 was seated. 2008 I pulled out all stops to get a seat in a GA standing venue. The staff at the Palace (formerly the Metro) were just fantastic. 2010 I just couldn't do it (standing again at a GREAT venue) so I missed out. I still have the tickets (unused) as a souvenir. I only made it to both Melbourne shows at Hamer Hall because of lovely people who wanted me to be there. SO ... that was i
  2. alright ... why can I longer watch/listen to the concert on youtube? (Easily, I mean, without having to join up, sign in, subscribe to anything.) The Neil Finn/Paul Kelly show is still up there for anyone to watch ... after a few weeks. Can someone please explain why Wilco's show is private? Just very curious is all! I really was expecting anyone could see it for 30 days.
  3. The ticket price is a bargain, as always! I just wish the Hamer Hall purchasing of tickets for Wilco was the same as the last couple of shows I have seen/am about to see there. Bargains too, for great performers ... that is not the issue! Since Hamer Hall re-opened after renovations tickets were only available through Hamer Hall itself, rather than Ticketmaster. I could pick my own seats, which to me was a great advantage. The reason is of no importance to anyone else! I was a bit pissed off to find we had gone back to the bad old days when I went to get tickets this morning. I couldn
  4. Does anyone know if the webcast of the Melbourne show is going to be put up on the official site and if so, when? I was there and left my SO to record it, but he had problems and only managed to get half of it! Apologies if this has already been raised!
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