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  1. Woohoo! Got mine today! I’m an Aussie so it’s hard to get here if you’re under 50.
  2. thanks Eckythump!! I feel like I was there vicariously. Ha so far 3/3 shows have had young kids at them. They must think we take our kids everywhere. Yeah I'm worried this counts as a wilco tour and we will have to wait several more years before they tour again!
  3. Loved hear Shot In The Arm. I just love that song. I'm so happy they did tour down here. Driving home after the show i drove past them and hollered out the window "thanks for coming" like an idiot
  4. Wow how cheeky for someone to do that
  5. I got really over Late Greats. I don't mean to seen ungrateful. They just played it at nearly every show I went to for a while, and knowing it bumped Dreamer is salt in my wound. Though I do love Wheel
  6. I think there's a good chance there will still be seats. Maybe try ringing the other places selling tickets? If you look at their website it lists other places you can buy them. I'm not sure if you can do it over the phone but it's worth a try. http://lyrebirdartscouncil.com.au/?p=1208 I emailed them last Wednesday. They said they would send out payment details at 9am Friday when tickets went on sale. I got the email 9.50 on Friday, transfered money into their account (they only assigned tickets when the money is clear, I used a Bendigo account so it went straight away- you can pay over the
  7. I'm requesting Dreamer for Meeniyan and Cars for Melbourne. I'm so excited about this tour!! I saw Jeff solo at the first solid sound and loved it. Must admit I haven't listened to Sukirae much, I'm not allowed to play "mummys music" in the car much, I'm usually stuck on the Frozen soundtrack. But I will pick the fight and win! Ha who am I kidding I will listen to it at work
  8. Melbourne tickets are on sale now! Just got row AA. The link had a different date to the one stated on wilco world.
  9. Australia dates for Tweedy: Meeniyan town hall mar 20 Melbourne recital hall mar 21 Sydney the factory mar 22 Very very confused by Meeniyan. There's not much there, it's a small country town.
  10. I shall claim it at Solid Sound 2030 . Maybe I will like beer by then. Eky I'm out west in Bacchus Marsh, but I'm sure we can call it a draw.
  11. Not so fast to the title my friend. WHERE in melbourne? Because I too am a melbournian who has done the solid sound journey. Guess we can call it a tie? I've also seen them in Norway, Finland, Swedon and NZ. Hey when they don't come to you very often you make the effort to go them. Ahhh those were there days. Now I have kids and I will be lucky to make the melbourne shows! Last tour I flew to Sydney with my then 1yo and pregnant with #2. Flying back the next day after the concert I blacked out on the plane and woke up with an oxygen mask on and my daughter no where to be seen (soon found an
  12. I adore the kiddie giggles on Mikaels video. I wonder if the challenge would have been as successful if had been in the northern hemisphere winter. It's raising money, people look like they're having fun with their family doing it. What's not to like?
  13. I'm hoping for a Muriel's Wedding reenactment.
  14. We were directly behind Paul Dempsey in the second row. When the audience stood he very nicely tried to shrink himself and squatted down, but I told him it was ok to stand up. Hey if you have to stare at anyone's back it might as well be his! Enjoyed this show much more than the first one, which I felt never really took off. So over the insipid version of kidsmoke!! Make it rock and stop wasting my time! Loved misunderstood and ALTWYS.
  15. I'm hoping they feel so guilty about the short show they come back again quick . Three years is too long! I flew up from Melbourne for the Sydney shows. Sorry I missed the meet up, just saw the post! The opera house stuffed up out tickets, we had second row but we only realised a few hours before the show they were for Wednesday night! When I bought the Tuesday tickets over the phone I didn't even know there was a Wednesday show so I know it wasn't my mistake. They ended up swapping them for tickets in one of the side box seats. Not second row but its better than nothing.
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