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  1. Great show last night, and a cool venue for a show (despite the 100 degrees inside). This is my 5th Wilco show (6th if you count Tweedy solo show) and this was easily their best show so far. Cant wait to see them in Hartford Friday night!
  2. I was at this show as well as the show in Boston, and both shows were great. The Boston show was definately better, as there was almost no yelling out and he did My Sweet Carolina and closed out with Down in a Hole. He generally plays right to curfew (usually 11pm) and doesnt bother w encores. Both of these shows were 2 and a half hours long, so I had no complaints
  3. I am going to the Tweedy show this Friday, and will be going solo. I was wondering if there were any organized Tweedy/Wilco get togethers prior to the show. Northampton is a great town, though I havent been there in close to 10 years.
  4. I am a huge Neil Young (this was my 37th Neil show), and was only recently introduced to Wilco a few months ago. They have quickly become a favorite of mine, so I was psyched that they were opening for Neil. The set was awesome, only wished they were given another 30 minutes or so to play. I cant wait to see them as headliners with a full set. My favorite song of the night was Jesus, Ect. with Via Chicago and and Impossible Germany close behind. Anyone know when they will be back in New England. I recently saw Jeff Tweedy:Sunken Treasure (for 2nd time) and would also love to see him solo. I t
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