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    Worcester, MA but my heart lies in Chicago...
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    Music...listening, dancing, discovering; reading; hanging with my daughters; hanging with my friends

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  1. Happy Birthday, VC!!! I didn't realize how young it was when I found it! This board and the ppl I met and are still friends with got me thru quite a few tough years and I am still so thankful for it. While I am embarrassed by my name, I really made it a split second - it was who I was 16 years ago. Thank you Wilco, VC, the admins, and the peeps for making this such a great place to be! ✌
  2. Four tees. One sweatshirt 'Attack With Love'. I did have a 5th tee that I had ordered online. When it arrived I was lucky if it fit my youngest daughter, so I sorta did a 'Pay It Forward' and sent it off to a young die-hard Wilco/Tweedy fan in Jersey who was having a rough time.
  3. I was just signing in to add my thoughts about Emile Hirsch and I see it's already been "said".
  4. So my bff texted me tonight that she checked out the Wang Theater, Boston MA tickets and that the price is $194 for ONE ticket. I told her she was insane! I just looked myself and it does indeed say that. My guess, tho, is since there is no "On Sale" date yet that it must be just some random number thrown in by the Wang. Thoughts?!?
  5. I've checked VC, Facebook, SS website, and Google but can't find the info I KNOW I read at one point. If someone volunteers at the festival is their pass not for the entire weekend? I thought I read that way back when. My friends think they only have a pass for the day that they volunteer. That just doesn't seem to make ANY sense to me. Thoughts/info?!? Thanks!
  6. If I may speak for both myself and jim... You are MOST welcome!
  7. I am quite certain it is from the DVD that came with Sky Blue Sky.
  8. I went to hit the "Like" button for this and then remembered...doh!
  9. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous pictures and very nice video! Makes me long for North Adams SOOO much in the midst of this "Snowpocalypse" (as it has been deemed). Nice work!!!
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