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  1. It sure was. I found it hard to stomach and I'm not even Welsh. Great effort playing a man short for 3/4 of the game - despite that they had the best of the play and should really have still won. 11 points went begging from kickable penalties and the conversion that was missed - and they only needed 2 of them. That's probably not making you feel any better I guess? France were complete and utter merde (and that might be overrating them slightly) so Dusautoir had every right to look a bit sheepish in the after match interview. I just hope you're wrong about them always having one fantastic
  2. Indeed it was. There have been some cracking games this tournament - and last weekend was no exception. The only result I didn't pick was the SA v Australia game, although I have no idea how the Bokke managed to lose that match (the way it was refereed certainly didn't help the team doing all the attacking) Would love to see the Welsh boys make it through to the final - they have impressed plenty of us down in this part of the world with the way they have played and deserve to go further. An NZ v Wales final would be perfect. A nervous watch coming up for NZ fans on Sunday - given that we
  3. I hate to be the pooper of the party - and I'd love to be wrong on this - but I think those dates listed are are just Nick Lowe gigs. None of the European dates listed for Nick correspond to the Wilco tour dates - so I think Yeproc have just neglected to take the note that related to the shows he did in the US with Wilco off the foot of Nick's tour dates page. Jeebus, I hope i'm wrong though!
  4. The Chills. Last saw Martin Phillipps (and one of the many versions of the Chills that have backed him over the years) around 15 years ago and I'm pretty stoked to be seeing them again tonight.
  5. "Someday Soon" has that chord progression....
  6. Apparently it's not always that straight forward.....
  7. Dunno about cool, but definitely fun. Eddie Vedder and a very young Liam Finn and bandmates tear through an old Split Enz chestnut
  8. For mine, that's more of a pop song than alot of what's been posted on this thread, but pop is in the eye/ear of the beholder I guess..... Anyhoo, I'm quite enjoying "popping" into this thread every so often, and don't want to spoil it for the other kids, so I promise if i do post again it will only be nice, obvious pop songs from now on. Like this one? Pop enough for everyone?
  9. These guys don't generally make what you'd call pop music, but this a rather lively performance of what i think is a great pop song.....
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