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  1. I actually had plenty of spare bulbs for this season but, fear not my friend. We have a resource: http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/c9-frosted-christmas-lights-bulbs--452.htm They even sell the stringers buy the foot and by the roll too!
  2. Rockin the C-9 lights again this season. I know they're wasteful as hell but i love 'em.
  3. True. But I love these lists cause it allows slackers like me to catch up on all the stuff I've missed. So far, the releases from Girls , Malkmus+Jicks , Fucked Up, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Waits come to mind as favorites. Although there's probably something as good as any of those I'm leaving out and will remember 10 minutes after this post.
  4. Hills like white Elephants is totally beautiful and flows with a slow poetic rhythm. One of the better/best Hemingway short stories for certain.
  5. Of late: $5 first edition second printing. First time revisiting this since late childhood. Next:
  6. NP: In regular heavy rotation at the moment.
  7. NP: Unknown Mortal Orchestra Digging this. A lot!
  8. Hey: Saw these guys on Fallon the other night and dug them. Your overall thoughts on this record?? NP:
  9. And that's exactly why I chose it for the text I recently had tattooed on my left, inside forearm.
  10. It's true. But, still..."fun". Tahoma, for a long time. Now I'm into the classic serifs of Times New Roman.
  11. That was fun. But the kid getting punched in the stomach was definitely not LaMont Chu and the little girl didn't exactly pull off the Belorussian look of Ann Kittenplan.
  12. Vibes to you: I tore my Right Achilles probably twelve or thirteen years ago in a pick-up game of basketball at a work event where we were visiting a local gym. I was a heavy runner at the time and it kinda devastated me psychologically for a bit. They ( my surgeon and Physical Therapists) started me on PT surprisingly quickly. It was a solid year before I felt strong enough to run/train with others again and a full two before I felt I was back to where I’d been before.
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