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  1. Joke Explained, Cold Slope & King of You, Where do I Begin (despite a cool ending). Taste the Ceiling wasn't that great either. Even something like More... while certainly not being a weak song wore thin pretty quickly for me. Magnetized is alright but not really Reservations level either imo. The two that made me return were You Satellite & RNG, botyh are pretty "meaningless" fun tracks as well but they have good enough melodies to actually deliver on that promise.
  2. I guess the thing that is supposed to tie SW together is that it's a more fun and lighthearted but I dunno, I like my Wilco to make some more profound statements than just that. I like fun Wilco but SW was a bit too much meaningless nonsense across the board for me. And a couple of weak tracks on what was already a short album dragged the whole thing down quite a bit for me as well. Schmilco on the other hand doesn't make me reach for the skip button maybe because even the weaker ones make me stay in a certain vibe so it's all good.
  3. Digging the vibe on Schmilco a lot more than on SW, which was a fun album but ultimately a bit of an empty and too straightforward rock show (with a couple of slower ones that weren't that good, Tweedy seems to have kept the better slower tracks for Schmilco) that didn't keep me coming back except for a couple of stand outs. Never understood why that one got so much love on this board. I like that Schmilco goes for the good old album as a cohesive statement vibe which is the first time since SBS I think (though I'd still rank it below TWL which was a bit better than Shmilco on a song by song
  4. Not just after AGIB, they gave AGiB itself a whopping 6.6/10 back in the day: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/8680-a-ghost-is-born/ That makes Wilco (the Album) the highest rated post-YHF studio album on Pitchfork, which is rather amusing cause that seems to be by far the least liked among Wilco fans. Their Whole Love review was especially confusing, pretty positive in tone yet with a 6.9 attached to it. Like they just weren't cool enough anymore to receive a higher rating. They still hold YHF in very high regard though, was #4 in their end of decade 00s list if I remember correctly.
  5. If you'd actually listen to that album all the way through you'd notice A Sky Full of Stars in an outlier (sounding like a leftover from the rather hollow and meaningless Mylo Xyloto) and nothing else on it is similar in musical style or lyricism. It's the obligatory "hit" they probably had to write to keep their record company happy (featuring Avicii, says it all really). Song of Innocences biggest problem is that even when Bono does churn out personal lyrics the slick and hollow way it is produced and predictable songwriting makes it all sound very unbelievable. Like it has gone through a
  6. I don't know, I don't think any of the "mellow" material here is as good as Country Disappeared (though that's my favorite W(TA) song along with Bull Black Nova). This album really seems to be one of 2 distinct halves: first 10 songs are kinda Loose Fur-y (more Born again... than S/T though) with the exception of Pigeons. Then the second half is pretty much MOR Tweedy balladry except for Down From Above which could've been on the first half. Maybe it makes more sense when seen as 2 seperate discs.
  7. Coldplays latest Ghost Stories was pretty banal but at least there were some honest emotions to be found there, this new U2 is the most soulless affair from a big band since REMs Around the Sun which is pretty painful since honesty and their "holy fire" was once their biggest asset. Lyrics from the generic Bono-generator, ultra-slick production making these songs instantly ready for an elevator in a supermarket near you and almost no memorable melodies... after a couple of listens I fear it really is their worst yet and maybe the worst album I've heard all year. The last song is the only one t
  8. There are a couple of songs at the beginning that give me a Loose Fur vibe but somewhere halfway the rather MOR mid tempo balladry seems to take over the album.
  9. Not really impressed to be honest. Most of it isn't that bad but it's an album whitout a lot of highlights and the second half gives me flashbacks to the second half of W(TA), lots of tunes Jeff Tweedy can write in his sleep, there's some b-sideish material here that gives me the impression it made the album so Tweedy and son could do a live set with mostly TWEEDY songs. Diamond Light pt 1 was the best song for me probably because it sounds like a Loose Fur outtake. Then again, it's still early days and a 20 song 70 minute album takes some time to properly digest so I hope it grows on me. And
  10. I know it was, I was just saying it's musically comparable with the AFP situation which didn't really lead to very good results. So I'm just speculating whether Tweedy will be capable of dividing his time between several bands whitout results suffering.
  11. It's more like Thom Yorke playing with Atoms for Peace outside Radiohead only Radiohead has always been the same 5 dudes so that made more sense. I guess it's a good thing Tweedy is looking for different solutions at this point instead of just forcing members out of the band when he feels like it, especially since I feel like the current line-up has still something left in them. Lets hope Tweedy is bringing better material than Yorke though, that AFP album was pretty bad. Though I also kinda hope he saves the best tunes for Wilco because Tweedy basically being the only songwriter in Wilco post
  12. It's also a bit boring, lets face it. Has this actually been confirmed somewhere or is this just speculation based on solo projects?
  13. People would just spam them endlessly whitout ever making any other contribution again.
  14. But why? Also, Wilco doesn't do albums full of songs like Open Mind. Hi I'm here because of your rumor mongering.
  15. Did they postpone it yet again? First they were gonna release something last year, now it's already 2015 or what? They don't really seem to have their heart in Wilco at this point. Oh and this could be interesting but at the same time I kinda expect 10 x something like Open Mind from a Jeff Tweedy solo album and I can't say that's a very exciting prospect.
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