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  1. Tickets?!? Are they going to release anymore tickets? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Also, I can't make it to all three days this year, anybody know how much the single day passes cost? I live in MA and can't stand the idea of missing a Wilco set in my own state! Thanks for the help
  2. I'M A WHEEL! I truly miss Wilco ending their shows with this song, perhaps in Hartford...
  3. I JUST said that it sounded fast! And damn all those who don't sing along
  4. HOLY SHIT, LAMINATED CAT!!! I cannot express how amazing it was to hear that song performed live, I was literally weak in the knees. Whenever I have a few months off between Wilco shows I think "there's no way they can be that good....then they top the last one. Can't wait for The Orpheum, then it's onto the Bushnell for me. Though I have to say...general admission at Wilco? Not much can top that. This was my 6th show (5 Wilco, 1 Tweedy) and there were many songs that I heard for the first time. Wilco does love me, baby. What a treat!
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