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  1. Thank you! That worked. It's a shame they could not get the directions right. I got row G in pittsburgh. Just moved from Philly about a year ago and thought they would never come to my new hometown so very excited!
  2. Same here. No pre-sale links on the show page. Anyone have any idea?
  3. Anyone know where the pre-sale link for Camden, NJ is?
  4. At precisely 10:00 there were no tickets available for the WXPN pre-sale. How may do you think they actually make available - less than 10?
  5. Of course it is how you play that matters. That being said - why do you think there is a Solid State Technology section what's more fun than to talk about equipment. I have also been playing a Tele through a Deluxe, but have been having some fun trying to figure out different tones. Am trying a Line 6 Flextone modelling amp, it has helped me learn about different options but don't think it is a keeper. That amp has got me thinking about trying a VOC AC15. I have just started building my first pedalboard and have a Ibanez TS-9 coming for Hannukah/Christmas. Any thoughts on what next?
  6. I was listining some more last night. I think it is drop D rather than open D. Can't figure out the chord shapes he is playing though.
  7. There is a great video of Jeff playing I Might at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Anyone interested in tabbing it out? Looks like he is using an open tuning.
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