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  1. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded to The Wilco Live Show Archive from January 2 2020-December 31 2020:

    (The Wilco Live Show Archive link is still set to direct people to the Wilco Roadcase site. These shows will be there for you to grab in the future ...)



    8-22-1988 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    8-25-1989 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    10-13-1989 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    10-28-1990 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    11-17-1990 Uncle Tupelo (Steve Brothers source)

    2-16-1991 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    6-14-1991 Uncle Tupelo (Jeff S./mrpember)

    9-11-1992 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    11-8-1992 Uncle Tupelo (Jeff S. source)

    2-5-1993 Uncle Tupelo (Jeff S. source)

    7-3-1993 Uncle Tupelo (SBD source)

    3-23-1994 Uncle Tupelo (Jeff S. source)

    12-23-1994 Wilco (mrpember source)

    4-14-1996 Golden Smog (stonecutter FM source)

    2-16-1997 Wilco (David Keller source)

    5-22-1997 Wilco (SBD source)

    9-3-1999 Wilco

    9-19-2000 Wilco (SBD source)

    9-11-2003 Wilco (Luke Freteluco source)

    12-12-2008 Wilco (SBD source)

    8-5-2015 Wilco (blg-MH source)

    7-29-2017 Wilco (tamlyn FM source)

    4-8-2018 Jeff Tweedy (reholmes source)

    9-4-2019 Wilco (tbugsett source)

    11-14-2019 Wilco (Shane E. Calhoon-tapersec1968)

    1-18-2020 Wilco (eckythump source)

    1-19-2020 Wilco (eckythump source)

    1-21-2020 Wilco (eckythump source)

    3-11-2020 Wilco (binky source)

    9-18-2020 Jeff Tweedy (fez source)


  2. I wonder if this the same live UT album that suppose to come out years ago. The timing of this release is interesting - as someone just put out a upgraded version of the show. 




    Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL
    March 24, 1994

    *Uncle Tupelo Upgrade Series, Vol. 1*

    Source: WXRT 93.1 FM > Denon DTR-80P
    Transfer: Master DAT > Tascam DA-20 > Marantz CDR510 > CDR(1) > EAC (secure mode) > FLAC

    Taped by Jeff S, transferred by mrpember

    01- DJ intro
    02- Chickamauga
    03- Watch Me Fall
    04- Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (traditional)
    05- Fifteen Keys
    06- The Long Cut
    07- New Madrid
    08- Sandusky
    09- Looking For A Way Out
    10- Slate*
    11- Atomic Power (Louvin Brothers cover)
    12- Acuff-Rose
    13- We've Been Had
    14- Give Back the Key to My Heart (Doug Sahm cover)
    15- Postcard
    16- Gun
    17- Effigy (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
    18- DJ outro

    * brief FM static at 3:03


    Jay Farrar: guitar, mandolin, vocals
    Jeff Tweedy: bass, guitar, vocals
    Ken Coomer: drums
    John Stirratt: guitar, bass, backing vocals
    Max Johnston: fiddle, dobro, mandolin, banjo


  3. 11 hours ago, u2roolz said:

    I loved Criminal UK’s 1st season. I forgot that season 2 was released last week.


    The reason I posted was to ask you the important question: are you watching Dark with the subtitles or dubbed in English? I really want to check that one out. 

    I watch everything that I can with subtitles. It’s the best. Lots of times it’ll tell you the artist & name of a song. 

    English - 


    Dark is a heck of a show - 

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