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  1. FWIW I was at the July 24 Letters to Santa Show, he used the Sunrise pickups, but made cryptic reference to the fact that others seek out Wilco's technical expertise in miking acoustic instruments, so I took that to mean sometimes there are multiple mikes, i.e., under saddle and a Sunrise type rig. It was interesting - he said he liked the Sunrise pickups alot, but that the guy who makes them only makes enough to support his skiing or surfing habit and when he's got enough $, he leaves town. True enough, the sunrise website seems deserted last I checked. Anyway, Jeff sure seemed to be a fan of the Sunrise pickups that evening.
  2. Agree with Namaste's set list, that's what I've got. Saw several folks who attended July's Letters4Santa show there - Sara, Craig, Heather and Sound God Warren. Sultry late summer afternoon, and Jeff gave a good show. Something for everyone, be it Handsome Family cover to Golden Smog beauty to greatest hits from YHF. Wonder what the 12 string (unplayed) would have been for. Given the crowd, which was not really a "Wilco" crowd, I wondered why he decided to play there. Glad he did, just wondering.
  3. More show trivia: I checked out the Sunrise pickups website, recalling that Jeff said in his discussion of pickups and miking acoustic guitars that the guy is like a surfer (or skiier?) who takes orders until he has enough to go do that for the rest of the year - and sure enough the website has barely any info on it. www.elderly.com sells them. http://www.sunrisepickups.com/ Also, I thought we should note that Jeff was seemed to allude that Wilco's proprietary knowledge as to how to properly mike an acoustic guitar was quite sought after in the industry - I think he said something to the effect that they get calls like from other artists on tour, e.g., Sheryl Crow, on how Wilco is doing it. He also offered that if you are using only one mike or pickup on a guitar you are not getting all of the sound, and much is needed to get the right sound (picturing a huge array of vintage and cutting edge microphones, internal and sound hole mounted pickups, and complex, mad aural scientist lossless digital recording algorithms, all aligned in a perfect combination to make an acoustic guitar sound completely natural.) The waters clearly run deep at Wilco HQ, with no stone left unturned, pondered and then skipped over the surface of a smooth lake, just to see how many times it touches the water before sinking.
  4. What a show. Still recovering. The entire set was great, and Jeff seemed to enjoy himself. Yes, as Blossom said, I was honored to shake the dust off the Duff F-5 mandolin on "New Madrid," and to join Jeff on the "everyone's a fan tonight" trip down Memory Lane shout-out to all those fans who could not be present, "Wish You Were Here." I think we were fairly convinced beforehand that there was not a snowball's chance in Hades that Jeff would actually play it. But as a closer, it had sort of a Heavy Metal Drummer-esque, nostalgic feel to it, with a tinge of sad realization that this incredible show would soon be ending. Call it a guilty pleasure, junk food dessert, after a gourmet meal. Karen played a Gibson J-45 on California Stars and also the harmonica (on her very own personal rack that I think she lent to Jeff for a song when his blew out before "She's A Jar" - hang onto that rack, Karen!) And Hill played the guitar and some lead with Jeff on a song early on, as the first to play (he was brave!) Kudos to Wendy, Maureen and Erik, Warner, and the Tweedys, and all the other terrific folks in attendance that made this show so special.
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