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  1. ATOP deluxe edition tracklisting: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/r-e-m-automatic-for-the-people/hnum/7792245
  2. Yep. Still waiting for a release date and tracklisting. http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/r-e-m-s-automatic-for-the-people-reissue-confirmed-for-2017-on-new-label/
  3. Circus Devils War Horsies In Madonna's Gazebo A Birdcage Until Further Notice Apparent the Red Angus Bam Bam Bam M. Ward Big Boat Fool Says I'll Be Your Bird To Save Me Flaming Heart Foo Fighters Everlong I'll Stick Around Monkeywrench Cold Day in the Sun This Is a Call Buffalo Tom Summer Tangerine Sundress Your Stripes Mineral Soul Asylum Sometime to Return Veil of Tears Easy Street Without a Trace Cartoon
  4. Descendents Bikeage Hope Pep Talk Clean Sheets Original Me ALL She's My Ex Million Bucks Carnage Breakin' Up Fairweather Friend
  5. Upcoming Guided by Voices album, August by Cake, is outstanding. Release date is April 7 but Rockathon is now shipping preorders.
  6. Gomez's "How We Operate" at the end of The Hitcher (2007 remake).
  7. Are these expected or wishful thinking? Don't think I've heard of any confirmed upcoming album releases by these folks.
  8. Awesome. Have fun! I haven't seen those guys since 1992, on the Billy tour. Was lucky enough to see 'em a few times in shitty tiny clubs in 89/90. Those are probably the best shows I've ever seen.
  9. Nope, I love ALL Green Day! But the early stuff has a special place in my heart. Green Day, 1993-present She Church on Sunday Having a Blast Coming Clean St. Jimmy
  10. Green Day At the Library Going to Pasalacqua One for the Razorbacks 409 in Your Coffeemaker Paper Lanterns Samiam Holiday Parade September Holiday Regret Home Sweet Home Mexico Crimpshrine Pretty Mess Summertime Sanctuary Fucked Up Kid Butterflies
  11. White Stripes The Same Boy You've Always Known Hotel Yorba My Doorbell As Ugly as I Seem 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues Soul Asylum Sometime to Return Cartoon Veil of Tears Easy Street Closer to the Stars Fugazi Nice New Outfit Full Disclosure Life and Limb Smallpox Champion Five Corporations
  12. U2 A Sort of Homecoming Bad Indian Summer Sky Red Hill Mining Town (looking forward to seeing/hearing this one live at the upcoming Tampa show) Desire
  13. That's fantastic. Thanks for the heads-up. Love this band but assumed Jukebox Fury was gonna be the end of the line.
  14. Guided by Voices- so far, two new albums slated for '17 Circus Devils whatever else Bob Pollard has planned for '17 Afghan Whigs My Morning Jacket Pearl Jam (rumored) Paul Weller (wishful thinking) Lee Ranaldo Thurston Moore U2 Son Volt Bob Dylan (rumored) Will Johnson Samiam (wishful thinking) The Cure (wishful thinking) Neil Young's Archives volume 2 (it COULD happen, right?!)
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