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  1. Never liked them, could be my loss but I just don't get it.
  2. This year (after a slow start) matured into the best year of the 2000's for new albums by a long, long way imo. From the 90's onwards the quality of new bands coming through, and the quality of album that these bands (and the old hands) were releasing seemed to decline year on year for me. I reckon that this year has blown the last 20 or so out of the water for the amount of terrific albums that were released. Just went through all the CD's I bought this year - good and bad, and I picked out 32 from a total of 70 or so that ranged from "very good" to "essential", as well as one out and out cla
  3. Me too, although the 24 bit hi res download sounds easily as good as the CD. The back cover of the gatefold CD is pretty rubbish, just a massive barcode, with the tracklisting in tiny letters!
  4. The digital album is now available at the Kung Fu store, http://starwars.kungfustore.com/ I am now downloading the hi res 24 bit album, only $14!!, which is a steal for us here in the UK. Equates to less than £10, over here his res is normally about £13 on avaerage.
  5. I get the feeling that the reviews that are just coming in are the ones that are (rightly)giving more praise than the earlier reviews gave out. It wasn't the case for all of them but the earlier reviews were less praiseworthy, probably because they were rushed out as for once even they hadn't heard the record before the rest of us, and the later reviewers have had a week or so to let the record sink in and reveal its greatness.
  6. And some collated reviews from the UK version of Metacritic http://anydecentmusic.com/review/7383/Wilco-Star-Wars.aspx The "review" from Spectrum Culture is a hoot, each to their own and all that mind you.
  7. http://www.undertheradarmag.com/reviews/wilco_star_wars/ http://www.spin.com/2015/07/wilco-star-wars-review/
  8. I wonder if Allmusic use the same strategy? I have read reviews on there with 3/5 stars and it doesn't marry up with the written review, which in some cases reads like a 4.5 or a 5.
  9. Just read that. If I had read it without seeing the rating of 7.7 at the top I would think this guy would have rated it at a minimum of 8.3 (and yes, these "to the decimal point" ratings are absurd). The guy clearly knows his Wilco, and it's a thoughtful and fairly detailed review. He just hasn't played Star Wars enough to realise that in Pitchfork terms this album is at least a 9.3.
  10. Taste The Ceiling has stealth like qualities, a real slow burner. I've probably played Star Wars 20 plus times now and the last couple of times this song has really hit home. Hope I'm not being too hyperbolic already, but this new LP is shaping up to be top 3 Wilco for me. There is not a wasted note or moment on it, the length is bang on, the playing magnificent and it sounds great even in mp3 form. Can only imagine how great it will sound on vinyl or CD.
  11. Agree with that, pretty much word for word!
  12. http://www.slantmagazine.com/music/review/wilco-star-wars
  13. Sounds even better when you stream the album on Spotify, with the High Quality Streaming option selected. Pisses all over the sound of the 256k download, picking up a lot more detail, especially with headphones on.
  14. Pickled Ginger is channeling Status Quo Incredibly it doesn't suck!!
  15. REM - 1983-1986 = 100% The joint best best band of all time The Fall - 1979-1988 =100% The joint best best band of all time (in the 90's = 50%, and from 2000- till present = 85%) Radiohead - From Kid A till present = 90% (before that = 25%) The Clash - 1977 - 1979 = 100%, from Sandanista onwards = 40% The Go-Betweens - 1984-1987 = 98% The Smiths all output = 99% (just slightly behind REM and The Fall) Drive By Truckers - from Decoration Day till Brighter Than Creations Dark = 98%, all other output = 75% David Bowie - From Hunky Dory to Scary Monsters = 99% Bob Dylan - From Bri
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