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  1. OK. So that sounds officially great. And good to see you raising your pun game @bböp!
  2. Deep cut indeed. I know I gave up requesting that, er, a long time ago....
  3. Good to know - thanks sinko25.
  4. Thanks summerdai - that's much appreciated and I will look at the Facebook page. I was hoping not to have to drive when I was in the States but sounds like that might not be option. Thanks again - see you there!
  5. Thanks for keeping up the reportage bböp! Even if it feels like a chore for you - I appreciate tuning in every day for a blast of banter corner or wondering at the occasional deep cut!
  6. I have an, ahem, special birthday in 2022 so had been considering travelling from the UK to Solid Sound to celebrate. Obviously I don't know the area well at all. It sounds like accommodation is going to be a problem. What do folks normally do? Is public transport to outlying areas an option even? I rang the campsite even but the staff there seemed unclear on when they would allow bookings. If anyone had tips or advice that would be greatly appreciated before I invest in transatlantic plane tickets!
  7. Nice treat in the encore was You're Not Alone AND Only The Lord Knows. After the latter Jeff conferred with Darin and they agreed they had "time to do both." As Jeff said "Tweedy is the band that leaves you wanting less." Oh yeah, then they did a cover of "The Losing End!"
  8. Truly great gig. Naturally some good banter about the nose breaking incident but mostly heads down, fill the time with music. Solo set: IATBYH New Madrid Mountain Bed One Wing Forget the Flowers Woodgrain Via Chicago Jesus etc Please Tell My Brother Spiders ITMWLY (no particular order)
  9. By recollection you should drop Sunloathe, Poor Places and You Are My Face and add At Least That's What You Said. The order isn't there either by my memory isn't up to that! Great show mind you!
  10. I got the gag but understood it more as a dig at Jeff's homeland rather than ours but then maybe he is more aware of the situation with sectarianism in Scotland than I give him credit for. Anyway what is (IMHO) not so forgiveable is his comments in Manchester about the lack of enthusiam in Glasgow... if you don't want people to sit down when you play then don't play seated venues!
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