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  1. If you can get there early enough (usually before 8-9 ish) you can park in the lot across the street from the club. Otherwise, there's usually street parking but make sure you aren't alone when you walk to your car at midnight. It can be a pretty rough area (although there are some great cafes right around the corner). See you guys tomorrow!!
  2. This might be a really stupid technical comment but I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and I usually have good luck getting tix for high volume shows. Since not many people use Firefox, is it possible that it's easier to get in that way? Just a thought...
  3. 10:00 - got a couple of tickets 10:03 - can only buy 1 ticket and that isn't available Craigslist - $200 OBO Please let the people buying these tickets be fans of the music and not just going to hang out with their friends and be seen. I'll keep my eyes open for you guys if any normal priced tix become available...
  4. And as much as I love Sonic Youth, our ears were all bleeding before Wilco even came on. That was a very uncomfortable, bizarre show. SY fans vs Wilco fans in an Opera type setting with assholes in the front row taunting Jeff. Quite strange. Yep, 9:30 is definitely better. Until we can get them to play IOTA for an entire week
  5. How about a 2-3 night commitment? There's nowhere better to play than 9:30 but only 1500 tix per show. Unfortunately, Latrobe is the next night. In a gym. Blech.
  6. There are two tickets just listed on Ebay for $199. Nice. Capitalism rears its ugly head again.
  7. It's been so amazing to re-live this night again. Dan, Alex and I have been trying to pick out people's voices and remember names from the photos. It's like a big mind puzzle. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Warner, Chris, Julie, and Jesse for all your hard work.
  8. Reni - I can't believe you posted that in this thread. Edie's gonna git you BTW, anyone know what that strange yellow growth coming from the side of Jeff's head is in Jodi's photos???
  9. That was Linda, A Fan. She requested the Lonely 1 and followed it by saying since it's January. Maybe it has something to do with after the holidays blues? Don't know for sure.
  10. I'll do mine (which are from page 5 or 6 of this thread). Line for the Loo - LamKat (Katherine), Satterlee(Megan), umm that Jeff guy, Attack with Love(Erin), cnorton13(Chris/Johnny Damon) #2 - Longie (Troy - recliner poster designer man), Jeci81 (Jessica), tv200 (Rich) #3 - Tweedling(David), Tweedling's wife (great name) (Anna), MKHStudio (Warner)
  11. I'm so sorry, nic. I'm not usually a strong killer of buzzes. I just thought it was better to address the requests for copies of the show upfront. Backup? Someone? Where are MKH and CNorton when I need them??
  12. Okay, as the original instigator of this Living Room Group, Show #1, I need to address a difficult topic. The Letters to Santa shows are a charity event. Since Jeff and Sue were so giving of their time and energy, there have been some guidelines established for all the Living Room shows. We would love to share everything with all of you but we also have an important respect for Jeff and his music, which I
  13. Your face is adorable in it, Erin. I just modified it so click away
  14. okey dokey, let's see if this works... I really apologize for posting the Jeff In Line for the Loo photo but he was such a good sport about it that I'm hoping he doesn't mind. And, no, Erin and Chris didn't give him cutzies, turnzies. My Webpage Tweedy My Webpage2
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