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  1. I was wondering if they were going to play ALTWYS during this tour! To see that with Spiders, wow!
  2. I sat in Tier 2 of the balcony and from where I sat the packed show exhibited lots of energy. Its always tougher to stand and dance when you have a venue with actual seats, but I thought the crowd energy was solid and the band acknowledged it a few times. The singalong during Spiders was definitely awesome to experience in person having attended a half dozen shows now. I did notice Jeff's voice having some difficulty during Spiders where he was speaking the lyrics not singing them. That was the only sign of any issue that seems to have carried over to Denver's show.
  3. In my review of the Boise I forgot to mention that Nels did an amazing job on IG and also received an extended standing ovation. I'm paraphrasing but in his trademark style, Jeff said they were lucky to have him. Indeed! And yes on the set! The lighting can completely transform it from one song to the next. Jealous you guys got to hear 'Pot Kettle Black' and 'Spiders' - sounds like they will be mixing it up every show
  4. I was at the show - I'l try and post some pictures when I can. 1) the set design is Wilco's not the venues. You guys are in for a treat! Between the lighting and the set, it was absolutely awesome. Jeff made a joke or two about playing in the forest, which was cool because Boise is known as the city of trees. 2) I can confirm that the second encore was not played. Not sure why, as technicians were replacing some of the guitars and then the lights went up. Great show regardless, almost wish I didn't know about that second encore, though. They did the same thing at their Ketchum ID show last
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