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  1. Hi All, I've started a Facebook Wilco fan page called A Shot in the Arm. Would love to have people join our closed group and discuss Wilco there as well as here at Via Chicago. Spread the word. Search for A Shot in the Arm: the Wilco Fan Group. Thanks, John
  2. Hi Everyone, I was lucky enough to get to the soundcheck and was wondering if anyone else was there who could tell me what was played...I got there at "Can't Stand It"---did they play songs before this one? Then they played "Say You Miss Me" and "One by One"--and then I can't remember what they played after that before stopping the soundcheck. Can anyone post a "soundcheck" set list? I thought it was interesting that they didn't play any of these songs during the actual concert (at least the ones I heard). Any info is appreciated. It was an awesome day to be a Wilco fan! John
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