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  1. So is this Live DVD the reason Wilco was against the Blue Ray release I Am Trying to Break Your Heart?
  2. I certainly can't see Jeff every singing My Darling again, but how about Venus Stop the Train?
  3. March No Depression Anodyne Still Feel Gone I have not listened to Still in about 6 years. Maybe I should go home and see if it has moved up on my list. The Jay songs on March still gives me chills when I listen to them. I can see why Wilco fans are so down on March, but it is a really great record. If you look at March in context of when it was recorded, it is amazing they did what they did. I mean it was record at the peek of grunge. It would have been easy for Jeff and Jay to jump on the bandwagon and cash in like so many other bands. I mean even R.E.M. tried to make a grunge album w
  4. Glide Magazine News is reporting the April 6th show is a Wilco show. I guess there is the possibility?
  5. I was reading the most recent Chuck Klosterman book. The book included a reprinted interview with Tweedy conducted right before drug rehab. Anyway, Jeff said he wouldn't say no to a reunion, but he wasn't sure if he could play the bass parts anymore. Not that he doesen't remember them, but not sure he could play the bass that fast anymore.
  6. I didn't forget Dan, I do not believe he is on the tour. I assume he is busy with the Soul Asylum tour. By the way if anyone cares, I did see Soul Asylum this summer, and they were great!
  7. I havn't see this posted yet. Sorry if it has been Discussed. Goldedn Smog at the Vic 9-19-06. The tour is with Gary, Kraig, and Marc. I have to believe Jeff would show if he is in town. To bad it is on a Tuesday too.
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