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  1. I find WTA to be their weakest effort so far. I've played it the whole way through about 12 times and nothing sticks, aside from bull black nova. I may be in the minority on this, but personally I think SBS is a much better record.
  2. If anyone could be so grateful, I would appreciate it. rrmies@gmail.com Thanks, Ryan
  3. Scored ORCH-B row 4 tickets to Bloomington :dancing
  4. YES YES YES, I missed the last one. No way will I miss this one.
  5. here is a link to the seating chart: http://www.indux.com/map/2702_JayPritzerPa...EndStage_tn.jpgdStage_tn.jpg
  6. Wilco Pre-Sale must have got all of sec 103 row c
  7. No, I got them through the website
  8. I'm never the lucky one when it comes to things like this, but somehow I scored 2 tickets: Sec 103 Row C
  9. I'm sure this has been done before, but I did a search and didn't see anything come up recently. Anyways lets rank the UT records. 1. Still Feel Gone 2. No Depression . 3. Anodyne . . . 4. March 16-20 I love Still Feel Gone and No Depression . I like Anodyne quite a bit , but I still can't get into March . I probably need to give it another chance. I can't remember the last time I grabbed March when I reached for a UT record to put in.
  10. Thanks guys! I was finally able to get some demos I wanted along with some covers. Very Much appreciated.
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