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  1. Oh, I have been standing and rocking and dancing for the rock encore, along with (almost) everyone else. I ain't too old for that. I hope I'm never too old for that.
  2. Ive been balcony this whole run and sort of agree/sort of disagree -- I'm choosing balcony because the floor just looks *too* crowded and if I have to pee I have no idea how the hell I'll get back to a good spot. But I'm throwing my hands in the air and singing along and wondering if I'm bugging people around me even though I'm not standing, because "rocking out" is my go-to (and I've seen Wilco some 50-something times, and I know that during "Shot in the Arm" we're responsible for "Anymore,") etc. But having a seat and playing poker online before the show and through the opener is stellar.
  3. I can't wait to make a playlist of all the acoustic mini-sets when this run is over, and basically have a double-disk acoustic wilco live album.
  4. Cornbread, totally, not trying to say Wilco ripped JTB off. And WM -- the melody, chord progression, even the song changes are almost identical. The lyrics to the JTB song aren't the same but the "sound" is certainly nearly identical to Sunken Treasure.
  5. I was listening to "Sunken Treasure" in my car and my Wilco-newbie girlfriend freaked out a little bit. "This sounds exactly like Jets To Brazil!" She was totally right. Check this out:
  6. My first post to VC though I am a HUGE Wilco fan. I was the guy who asked about the singing along. On Wed, Jeff seemed crazily uncomfortable to me, and I was wondering if he wasn't the one that requested no singing if that was why: if you anticipate a song to become a huge singalong and it doesn't, and you have a history of self doubt, you're going to beat yourself up, if that happens all night you're going to be unbelievably frustrated, especially at shows this intimate. I kept thinking of the best way to phrase it in case I was wrong -- what I ended up saying was "was the no singing along po
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