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  1. As this will be our first Solid Sound (though not first visit to Mass MoCA, nor far from first Wilco show!), wanted to ask SS vets of years past, what time has the music usually started on Friday? We have weekend passes, but probably bring our 4 year old to just the Friday show, as she loves Taj Mahal (who doesn't?) Thanks....
  2. Aw, now you've gone and made me hungry for some Boston Market, and it's after midnight! Some of you in the Northeast may be familiar, our local NPR station, WAMC, uses part of "Pieholden Suite" as the bumper music for their morning "Roundtable" show- catchy as hell.
  3. I tried compiling a list of the shows and concerts I've attended since starting to go to shows in the mid-80s, mainly because I was curious how many I had attended, it must number in the 300-400 region (I used to save the ticket stubs, wish I still had them!) There's been a lot of great ones, but some that stand out: "Big" shows: Van Halen, 5150 tour, Summer '86 RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam, Troy, NY, Nov. '91 Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson, Cooperstown, August '04 Dylan/Levon Helm Band/Gillian Welch,SPAC, 2008 Americanarama, SPAC, 2013 "Small" shows: Stevie Ray Vaughan, at a college on Long Is
  4. Saw MMJ with Wilco at Americanarama in Saratoga summer of 2013, and loved it - that being said, I feel like that would be a bit of "been there, done that" if they were to play this year's Solid Sound. As some have also mentioned, when I saw Sleater-Kinney's tour dates, made me think they would be perfect for SS - definitely on my dream ticket!
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