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  1. Hey! Can’t make Saturday’s show. Good seat Sec 801 Row C seat 11. I paid $90, but will take $50 and some good vibes my way. let me know :-)
  2. 1 ticket 4/8 Town Hall - selling face value $86 of courseSec ORCH, Row K, Seat 21 can do Ticketmaster transfer/Venmo
  3. I'm gonna see him in NYC instead now that he announced new dates today. Thanks! Entire venue is GA. Ticket face value of course - $44 (that includes fees and a donation to a foodbank) Artist Presale $35.00 Ticket Fee $8.29Donation for MANNA FOODBANK : $1.00Total: $44.29
  4. Selling my ticket for Sunday's concert at Murmmr. Face value, $53.56. The seat is in Floor Left, Row K, Seat 7. There is no row directly in front of Row K so will have a better view. We can use Venmo, Paypal or Zelle. I will send PDF to you. If you are wondering why in the world I would sell my ticket, it's because I have a cold, and I also have a ticket for Wednesday so at least I get to see him once
  5. "Resellers" those evil but inevitable sources of tickets usually sell in sets of 2. If you are looking to pair up with another person, let me know! Thanks! C
  6. Hello This will not be likely but if anyone has an extra ticket for WOLF TRAP June 9, center orchestra rows F or closer, let me know. Where would we be without wishful thinking :-)
  7. I have one, Center Orchestra Row Q seat 105 - $90 I went Sat night and am going two other nights, I think I need a break. If you are looking for a single ticket, for Sunday, I have one It is a mobile ticket but I cannot transfer it. I can send you a screen shot of the QR code. My ticket Sat night was same exact situation, someone emailed me a photo of a QR code in a photo and I showed it on my phone and NO problem at all getting in. View from seat, I took it tonight when I was at the theater
  8. if you havent bought a ticket yet I am thinking of selling mind. I went tonight and it was great! It is for Sunday Orchestra Center section Row Q seat - 3 in from aisle here is view I have a picture of the view, I took it tonight. I cant upload it here though. I can send it to you if you are interested. Let me know. Thanks Oh it is a flat $90, that is face value, I thin not including fees, Ill eat those. Thanks
  9. I called ticket master and it turns t that the issue is because of the venue in Brooklyn the Kings Theater. Apparently they are counting who bought how many tickets what credit card to make sure that no single person got hold of more than 8 tickets. This is to prevent scalpers. But what are they gonna do, demand money back? Besides 8 ticket limit per person is too high to beg with. Who goes to concerts with 7 friends? That's just such bullshit. Thanks for replying though with your info. I'm jealous! I want to touch my ticket, see my ticket, kiss my ticket....
  10. Why is Ticketmaster delaying delivery of my tickets? Anyone else getting this message on Their order page? The website says "Sometimes delivery delays are used to prevent tickets from being shipped or printed at home until we can confirm everyone has adhered to the event ticket limit. In other words, we want to make sure absolutely no one has ordered more tickets than their fair share!" I want my tickets! Grrrrrrr. Anybody know what's up with that? Thanks
  11. My friend got me a ticket with her, and now I have this extra single orchestra seat. Section SEC 4, Row KK, Seat 43 $72.50 (This was the Thursday additional pre-sale due to the Wednesday fiasco. But it was through Ticketbastard so they charged fees and THEN the Kings Theater had their own obnoxious venue fee! I can do paypal, and the ticket can be transferred to your name through Ticketmaster. Picture is where the seat is, its the red dot. Apparently all seats in the Kings theater are pretty awesome.
  12. my first show and they say "you never forget your first" ;-) I could not have asked for a better first experience. I had posted the thread about possibly being killed if i danced during the show and blocking others views. well, turns out that from the start of the show, the right orchestra back had some dancers, and i was nearby so I felt safe. The woman behind me was cool with it too. I then saw some people doing some majorly bizarre dancing in the side aisle right of the stage. And so I knew Id be welcome down there. they must have been interpretative dance students. I just sway from side
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