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  1. Hey u2roolz . Here I am 2 years after you replied to my inquiry (1.5 years after I posted it 🤪). You are definitely right about the drum beat in I Might. The guitar riff and lyrics are way different though. Hmmm, not quite ‘case closed’ but I appreciate the effort and maybe I can find some quote from Jeff talking about the origin of I Might.
  2. Sooooo, I may have answered my own question. I think the song in that documentary is an early version of Bull Black Nova. They recorded most of that record at the same studio at the same time. The documentary lists the song name as “Calm Down”, which is a lyric in the final version of BBN. I’m not a mega fan like everyone here, so perhaps this was a “duh!” to most of you. I was just was hoping to find a quick answer. I own about 3 Wilco discs and my fav is probably A Ghost is Born. But seeing most of the band up close in this documentary has made me want to revisit those and try some others on
  3. First post. I’m here on a very specific mission. I watched the documentary The Sun Came Out late last night. There’s a great song late in my the movie called “Calm Down” that I loved, esp. Jeff’s vocal delivery. But it didn’t make the cut for the 2CD album (the doc is about Neil Finn bringing many artists all in to write /record it). Is that song available anywhere? I searched regular Google and this forum to no avail. Are my search skills that bad? Any help is appreciated.
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