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  1. Another great read, thanks much and looking forward to the Dakotas and hoping to catch the elusive Kicking.
  2. Thanks Gold87 as i missed your earlier note on this point. Interesting; so written about the same time but not captured on the album. The tune really benefits from that extra verse.
  3. Monday was huge and fit perfectly. We did not noticebit being empty but we were pretty close. The band seemed to get more comfortable with the set and performed it even "better" as the nights went along.
  4. When did Jeff/Wilco add to live shows the current additional verse to Heavy Metal Drummer that is not on the album so not being played? The one with lifting up her shirt when we get the Glenn drumsticks twirl.
  5. Heard the "rumblings". I felt bad for him having to explain his thinking in presenting the show. But no complaints. Adding Cars Can't Escape, Hummingbird, Red Eyed>Got You>Outtasight.
  6. Super fun show. The Largo openers doing comedy seems to always set the stage for Jeff perfectly to extend his already well-honed comedic skills.
  7. And Misunderstood potentially to open and Heavy Metal Drummer if not also Handshake Drugs. Candyfloss would be fun.
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