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  1. I second that. I was in Center Orch row W and while the location was impeccable, the crowd around me was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced at a Wilco show. I wish they would’ve taken our phones from us or at minimum, the ushers helped police the recording and incessant talking.
  2. Howdy! I'm selling a single ticket to the Friday and Saturday night Chicago shows. 4/22 = Orch, Center, Row W 4/23 = Orch, Center Row U Face value with fees. Tickets are digital PDFs. Email me at "emailheath@gmail.com" if you're interested.
  3. Great recap! Another memorable piece of banter was when Jeff told the audience that he had just come from a series of shows in Los Angeles to which someone yelled out, "sorry to hear that". Jeff chuckled and immediately replied with the perfect response of "that's what they said when I told them I was coming here. We're a divided country!" -- which garnered many laughs. Kinda an inside joke given the disdain from Texans (Austinites) for the insane influx of Californians that have "LA'd" Austin. Having gone to the Monday Largo show as well, it was neat to see the difference in Jeff
  4. Thanks Paul. Interesting set, indeed. What time does the line begin forming for seating assignments? Will be my first time at the Largo (came to LA from Austin for Father John Misty, The War On Drugs, and now Jeff on Monday :))
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