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  1. It was finally posted, over three months later, today: https://youtu.be/azPw5KKUfmU?si=rcWgxFv6rQdKk1m6 Minus Soldier Child. Do you remember that being subpar?
  2. The only song from night 1 I was mournful not to have seen was Lou Reed Was My Babysitter. The combo of setlist, banter, his voice, the sound, his semi-transparency, the texting with Susie, the crowd work esp. during The Thanks I Get, made this the best solo show of Jeff's I have seen (out of maybe....10?). Chicago is just a special place for him the way Springsteen has Jersey/NY. Makes me wish I had come for Wilco here (or gotten into those small club shows!)
  3. This seems quite similar to night one at the Capitol, now that I see it.
  4. I agree, they need to do a 7-8 night stand somewhere. I need to know how you take these kinds of detailed notes while being pressed up at the rail. Thanks as always for "Being There." As for the Kattan thing -- Rhett Miller, when I saw him last month, said that people often propose at his show during "Question" and that at one show in Chicago, "16 couples did" and he "felt like the Rev. Sun Myung Moon." So Wilco has to step up its matrimonial game!
  5. Paul - You make me sad I'm not there but, as always, at the same time you make such a vivid portrait that I feel like I was there. Thank you (as always). Everlasting everything.
  6. Kicking Television was an amazing treat - apparently not played since 2014? I had never seen it that's for sure. It also was a great punk payoff for a Banter earlier in the evening when Jeff said something like "Playing all mid-tempo numbers at an outdoor show - that IS punk rock, Bitch!" Nels was literally pogoing during KT. The other most memorable Jeff riff, which I wont be able to do justice to, is during his egging on of the audience to clap during Spiders, in a nod to the New Haven locale, that he had studied "Rock Show Audience Participation" at Yale from "Professor David Lee Roth
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