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  1. tickets are $150, not 200, and it's worth every penny. who would go to a Levon Helm show, on his property, wanting to see Jeff Tweedy? i mean it's Levon freaking Helm.
  2. The Band is the best group of all time. Rock of Ages is completely amazing... screw the Last Waltz.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/Crowther-Audio-Prunes-...tem110211494089
  4. Adam2

    Wilco Clothing

    i fail to see how this topic is so hilarious. i guess it's a crime to like the way someone dresses.
  5. Adam2

    Wilco Clothing

    http://newberryphotography.com/pp/images/2...22717_wilco.jpg anybody know where to get button/dress shirts like those? i really like the one Bach's got
  6. Adam2

    Wilco Clothing

    what are some good places to get clothes?
  7. Adam2

    Wilco Clothing

    what are good places to get clothes in chicago?
  8. Adam2

    Wilco Clothing

    seriously, does anybody know? it's a good question
  9. wow! this guy is right on the money!
  10. Richard Manuel's performance in that Rockin' Chair clip is better than anything the Beatles ever did. and regarding the songwriting... of course The Band ran out of stellar material much too soon. However, if you put their best songs against the Beatles', they are as good or better. The Band's songs were like old traditional songs, they told stories, and sounded like nothing else of the time. They didn't have a songwriting team cranking out pop tunes, but the songs they do have are amazing. Read the lyrics for Rockin' Chair sometime. Or Unfaithful Servant. Or Whispering Pines. some of the most beautiful music ever created. it's also interesting to note The Band's influence on the Beatles. 1968 - The Beatles release the white album, which is a more stripped-down and natural sounding album. I seem to recall another album that was released prior to the white album, which no doubt had its influence on the Beatles... oh yeah, MUSIC FROM BIG PINK. Also note the Band songs played during the Let It Be sessions. Not to mention McCartney's Band-like beard. and the person who says the Band only had one good song, and that it is The Weight, is a complete moron.
  11. or 3 years of playing behind Ronnie Hawkins...
  12. what pathetic taste in music you must have.
  13. To quote George Harrison himself, The Band is "the best band in the universe." looks like he's not even on your side!
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