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  1. I can understand why people were somewhat disappointed with the ending, but what could they have done to make ALL the fans happy? Nothing. Personally, I LOVED the final episode and the way that it wrapped up. I'm still feeling an empty LOST hole, though...
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2umUC_T6xg0
  3. I was totally waiting for it. Ah yes. My memory is crap.
  4. I don't consider myself to be too naive, but this show always manages to catch me off-guard... Is Desmond dead? (I don't think so) Is Sayid dead? (or un-un-dead?) Did Jack make yet another poor decision? Is Claire going to off Kate? Since Des knows Ilana in the ALT, does that mean Widmore IS on team Jacob? It seems to be playing out that way... WHO IS DAVID'S MOTHER?!?!? What role are Ben, Richard and Miles going to play in all this? And a weird question... did Ben and Desmond ever meet on the island? I can't remember, but I was rewatching that scene where Des runs Locke down in his car, and it occurred to me, I don't think they ever did. Not sure it means anything, just something I was thinking about.
  5. Not to speak for other posters, but I think the point is that light/dark = Jacob/MIB. Though I thought it was a different kid, they say on the LP forums that it was the same actor playing both scary jungle ghost boys...
  6. Excellent point. I'd almost forgotten about Charlie remembering falling in love with Claire. I laughed.
  7. Holy. Fuck. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I just saw the epi and haven't had time to fully digest it yet, but... Ilana blowing up was a complete shock. Desmond being thrown down the well and Desmond running Locke over... it's like I could sense both moments coming but was still surprised when they happened. Is Des dead? I believe he does have knowledge of both timelines in both timelines. But if that fall down the damn well killed him, I am going to be one pissed off woman. Is Libby "special" in the same sense that Desmond is? The universes are definitely merging. I've been in the "Hurley is the key" camp for quite some time, could prove to be right. What made him lie about seeing Jacob? Why did he lead Frank, Sun & Jack to the MIB? Where are Ben & Miles going to end up in all this mess?
  8. So maybe Charles is Penny's adoptive father? Interesting...
  9. I believe the cave is MIB's, not Jacob's. There has been speculation that David's mother is Penny - which I don't believe, especially after last week's epi, or the Gabrielle woman who's father Jack tried to save. I don't believe that either... David is how old in the ALT, about 12 or 13? So he was born in the early-mid 90's, probably. I think his mother IS Sarah, we don't really know for sure when Jack was married, but it's definitely possible. Remember when she thought she was pregnant and took a home PT just to find out she wasn't? Maybe in the ALT she was. I am DYING to know who Penny's mother is. I suppose it could turn out that it's nobody we know/inconsequential... but we know she exists in the ALT, so did Widmore and Eloise not meet each other until later in life in the ALT? Or did they just not marry until later? Now that I'm thinking about it, it's a mystery in both timelines, since Penny is obviously older than Daniel, but Charles and Eloise met on the island. Good questions! I'd watch it.
  10. I've been thinking about that too. At first it made me real nervous just how easily Desmond went off with Sayid, but now ITA with your analysis. It was interesting that Sayid let Zoe go...
  11. It's been my assumption since we found out that Desmond is "special" that Widmore's treatment of him wasn't dislike, but a plan to get him to the island.
  12. To quote Eric Cartman... "The fuck, dude!" That was AWESOME!!! I Desmond. But I have a very bad feeling about him going off with Sayid. Also, it appears that any scene where Des & Penny are reunited (or introduced, apparently), whether by phone or in person, brings tears to my eyes. Desmond-centric episodes have consistently been my favorites.
  13. I can't remember for certain, but I think you are correct about the two watches. Interesting thought about wanting him killed in the original timeline as well. Since Keamy's working for Paik in the sideflash, and was working for Widmore in the original, I wonder if Paik and Widmore are associates somehow? I'm curious to see if Paik ends up playing a role in this whole thing. It reminded me of Naomi saying that the crew he sent on the freighter were ill-equipped for the job. Of course, he DID send mercenaries that time, which didn't work either... He and Mikhail have some mad surviving skills, that's for sure! I thought it was interesting that Mikhail got shot(?) in the eye... What do we have left, only eight episodes? That makes me so sad...
  14. But I'm a girl, so it's OK. I agree. Locke seems to be the only one who's really doing much better in the sideways flash. Maybe Hurley too, since his luck is a complete 180.
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