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  1. Heading to Cary. Will sell my ticket out front. Might see email if you are still interested, but ticket may not be available anymore.
  2. Still haven't decided to go to the show? I have 1 extra ticket for Friday night's show in Cary. Section 1, Row E. $40 cash and I'll meet you at the show with your ticket. If you are in Durham/Chapel Hill, I can meet you during the day with the ticket. Email me and let me know. Thanks, Jeff jeffreylcohen (at) mindspring.com
  3. Here's a link to the song from Zamboni Man. This spare, moving song was one of the highlights of the show for me. It was better live than this link from movie, but we have to wait to hear that. (Yes, there were tapers!) Lullaby for Rafters and Beams It includes an MP3 ripped from the movie, lyrics and a link to the movie (didn't work for me). A Tweedy solo show is always a fantastic experience and this was no exception. (And no one around me was talking). Theologians was also a highlight for me. It had quiet parts, falsetto parts and loud parts. And classic Tweedy banter! Jeff (now h
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    One of the "official" Lollapalooza bloggers reviewed The Blisters here. Photos included.
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