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  1. I just got the email from WilcoBase about that new form where you can request songs for them to play. I was surprised by my reaction to this; though I've been begging for something like this ever since I've been attending shows, I feel like that might take away the surprise of hearing, say, PKB. Oh well, I'm sure they'll hardly rely on this for setlists. What are your thoughts?
  2. http://delivery.viewimages.com/xv/73725217...2FEA53865560AF7
  3. Does anybody have any insider info / educated guesses about how well SBS is selling?
  4. fletcher

    SBS Vinyl

    Does anyone else have a copy of the vinyl that skips? I have noticed one minor skip at the end of Impossible Germany...it's driving me nuts! I'm currently investigating the rest of the record....(and loving it)
  5. who, for a magazine etc, publishes their opinion based off first impressions? can you imagine how many earth-shattering records would have absolutely "sucked" if this smarmy bitch spouted her opinion with less than one complete spin? How can you knock a Wilco song :30 in?
  6. I live in Richmond, VA (MusicToday is based in Charlottesville)....my tracking number still says "IN TRANSIT"....is anyone else from Richmond getting theirs yet? I'm freaking out.
  7. Oh, "The World May Never Know"! One of their best!
  8. no no, i understand that it comes with another disc (the videos, etc) but this email said it comes with a bonus ep with 2 new songs
  9. Yeah so I recieved the following email earlier today from my friendly neighborhood record store " Attention Wilco fans! The new Wilco CD "SKY BLUE SKY" is out on 5/15. Pre-order your copy now and also secure your copy of a VERY LIMITED free EP containing 2 unreleased Wilco songs. The regular CD is $13.99, the deluxe package is $21.99 and the double gatefold LP (w/ cd included) is $24.99. Don't wait, these special EP's will go fast! " I already preordered the deluxe from music today!! Will I get these 2 unreleased tracks?! All things considered, I already have purchased (1) the CD
  10. When I placed my pre-order for SBS, didn't the website announce a host of excellent prizes for the seven weeks leading up to the release? Has anybody been notified of winning? Have these winners been announced anywhere? http://www.musictoday.com/interact/contest/?id=424
  11. Wilco is under fire! We have until midnight tonight to vote for Wilco on the "Band Madness" bracket. For those uninitiated, it's just like the final four/NCAA nonsense, except way more fun and with lots more competition. Wilco is up against CCR (in the "Green" portion of the bracket) http://bandmadness.net/bracket/
  12. I think that's a really interesting interpretation, but I (regretfully) present contrary evidence: Tweedy played this song (then titled "A Gold-Toothed Lullaby for Rafters and Beams" -- with same lyrics) at the NCMA show in Raleigh 8/16/06 and said he wrote it for a friend's film back in 2003 and hadn't played it since then.
  13. I was just poking around the Wilco site and decided to convert the $82.50 Australian ticket fee into American dollars 82.50 AUD = 65.6387 USD I mean, I'd sure as hell pay that, but doesn't that seem a bit much? Am I wrong here? Are there just lots of costs incurred for flying Wilco & gear to the land down under?
  14. Christ, I hope they tour the U.S. between Austrailia and Europe! I'll be leaving for college soon, and (hopefully) I'll be headed to NYU, and we all know how likely an NY show is!
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