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  1. Inspired by this great video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvwJSiyPG1s I set out to try to meticulously tab out everything that's going on in this song. Needless to say, it's quite difficult to pick everything out, but I think I have a pretty good stab at it. There's a few "key" licks to learn, and then you interweave them with improvisational riffs. Jeff doesn't really play the song the same way twice from what I can see from live videos. Learning the licks below should give you a good basis to somewhat imitate what he's doing. Mainly from what I can see it's a lot of very cool variations on hammer ons and pull offs. I use this software to help slow the recording down and pick out the notes: https://www.seventhstring.com/xscribe/overview.html I'd recommend using something similar to help play along. However it's tough to be 100% accurate with all the stuff going on and the distortion. For his effects, Jeff is using some sort of quick delay and what sounds like a Crowther Prunes and Custard pedal, probably through a Vox amp. The tuning from what I can tell is drop D capo 5, but it's very rarely relevant, only one note in the initial lick leading into the solo is for sure a note that you can only get by being in drop D with a capo. Anyway, here is the drop D, capo 5 version, corrections very much welcome: Lead in riff Em D E-------------------------------------------------2--2---------------------------------- B-----------0-------------------------------------3--3---------------------------------- G--0--------0--------0----------0-----------------2--2---------------------------------- D--0h2---x--0h2-x----0h2-x-----x---0h2---0-0h2----0--4--2--4--4--2--4--4-5-5s7---------- A---------x--------2---------x---------x-------------0--0--0--0--0--0--0-0-0------------ D----------------------------------------------0-----0--------0--------0---------------- Chord you’re hammering on before solo: E---- B--7- G---- D---- A--7- D---- Then this with very minor variations E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------7--------5-------3-2--0------------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------0--------7-----6--------4-----2p0----0--------------- D--------------------------------0-----------------------0--------4----------------- A--s7-------7-------5---------------8s9----7-----7s--5-----0------------------------ D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then this thing E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-0h2p0------------0h2p0-----0------------------------2--0-0------------------------- D--------0h4--0-4---------4------2p0------0h2-4-4-4p---------4p----------0------ A------------------------------------4p2--------------------------0h2h2h0---------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then this again D E----2--2------------------------------------ B----3--3------------------------------------ G----2--2------------------------------------ D----0--4--2--4--4--2--4--4-5-5s7------------ A-------0--0--0--0--0--0--0-0-0-------------- D-0-----0--------0--------0------------------ E----------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------3--------------- G------------------------0----0----0----0------------------------------2--------------- D--2--0--2--0--2p0-------0h2--2s4--4s2--0---2h4p2h4p2p0----------------0--------------- A------------------2-------------------------------------2h4p2h4p2-----0--------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------- E--2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G--2---0h4p0------------------------------------------------------------------------ D--0---------4~p0--2h4-0h2p0-------0h4---4-5s7-5------------------------------------ A--0-------------------------0h2p0-------------------------------------------------- D--0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---7~7~7~7~--7s5--5s3--3s2--2------3----2---2----------------------------------- G-----0-------0----------------0-------------------------4------2p0----0--------- D--------------------------------s4----4---4----0-----------0-------4------------ A---------------------------------------------------3s5-------0------------------ D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-(0h2)--------------0h4h5p4-4p2---------------------------------------------------- D------4h5p4-2-2p0----------------0-0h4-5v~--0-0h2s4p0------------------------------ A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G---------0h4p0-------------------------0h2p0-0--0h2p0------------------------------ D--0---0---------0h4h5p4--2h4p2--------------------------0h2p0---------------------- A--0---0-------------------------5p2p0---------------------------------------------- D--0---0---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------- D--2~~~---0h2p0-----0-0-2--2s4--0------0-----0--0-0-2s4-4-0------------------------- A----------------2------------------2-----2----------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---2----2-----2----2-----2----2---2---2-------------------------------------------- B---3----3-----3----3-----3----3---3---3-------------------------------------------- G---2----2-----2----2-----2----2---2---2-------------------------------------------- D---0----0-----0----0-----0----0---0---0-------------------------------------------- A---0----0-----0----0-----0----0---0---0-------------------------------------------- D---0----0-----0----0-----0----0---0---0-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----7~~~~~~~~~~~~~5~~~~~3~~~~~2~~~~~~------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------7~~~~6~~~~~4~~~~~2~~~~~~------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lots of vibrato here (it’s either 2 or 0 on the b string not sure he changes it up) E-------------------------------------------(0)---------------------------------------- B---0----xx--0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0---------------5----------------------------------------- G---4b~--xx--4-2-4---4-4-2-4-2-----7b~~-7-7----7------------------4p2---0--4-2-4s7----- D-------------------------------------------------4h5p4--2-0-2--------2---------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hold out that first note with vibrato E------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B---------------------------------------------------------10~~10~~10~~10~~10b-- G---9~~~~~9~~~~9~~~~9--7-9-0--2h4---------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------5p4p0h4--0h2-2p0-----0---------------------- A---------------------------------------------------2p0------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then this lick, played with lots of vibrato (4 measure of 12) E-----7-9b--9b--7-10-7--7-9-7-10--7-9-7-10--7-9---12-12-12-12--12-12-12-12--12-12-14-14-- B--10------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B--7--7~---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G--7--7~------7----7---7---7---7---7-7----7---7--7---7--7------7-----7---7---7-7-7--- D--7--9~---9-----9--9----9----9-9---9---9---9------9------9-9----9-9---9---9-------9 A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------ B--------7~~~~~~~~~~~~~5~~~~~3~~~~~2~~~~~~------------------------------- G------------------------------------------7~~~~6~~~~~4~~~~~2~~~~~~------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------ A--7--------------------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------------ Song ends on E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D-----4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5s4s5------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    This solo has always looked easy to play to me, but has always sounded great. It looks easy, but there's a lot of subtle stuff going on, I recommend listening closely. He never seems to play the same solo twice, but they're all similar. This is a transcription of the performance from the I Am Trying to Break Your Heart DVD, because the mix is nice and loud, and the solo sounds good to me. Here's a YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAchM1rqiOg b = half step bend v = vibrato ~ = hold br = bend and return e--------3------3-------3--------3-------3---------------------------------------- B---------------3----------------3-------3---6s5-3--6s5-3----------------3-------- G--5b~~-----5b------5b-----5b-------0----3---6s5-3--6s5-3----------------3-------- D--------------------------------------0-------------------5v---5s17s10--5-------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First 5b~ and later rapid 5bs is kind of cut off with palm muting at the top of the bend e------3-------3------3------3-----3-----3------3-----3-----3------3~~---s14-15-- B--------------3----------------------------------------------------------------- G--5b~----5~b-----5b~~----5b----5b----5b-----5b----5b----5b----5br--------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but I know a little bit more about this subject now, and can better explain what I was saying. Overall, the reason for using Blu Ray is pretty simple. Blu Ray lets you have higher resolution video than DVD. With DVD, the best you're going to see is 480p. With Blu Ray, you can easily have 1080p, and soon 4K. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart was filmed on B&W 16mm. If you can it in digitally, that's about 2K resolution. Of course, the more documentary nature of the film means you won't get quite as much clarity as you would something that's deliberately filmed for it. Let's say, minimal, they get a good 720p digital scan out of it. That's HD, that's still a lot better than the 480p of DVD. You're just going to get a much cleaner and clearer picture than the DVD, hands down, there's just more pixels. Here's a good visual breakdown: But that's just pixels. Blu Ray also has a better compression algorithm. DVD uses MPEG 2 compression, which is notoriously bad for grainy sources like IATTBYH. Blu Ray uses the much superior H.264 (aka MPEG-4). Just using this compression algorithm alone would mean a better picture. Back in 2008 I think they still may have used MPEG-2 for Blu Ray, it may not have made as much sense, but I definitely think it's time for a Blu Ray transfer of this movie. Plexifilm has said that when they initially made the DVD they scanned it in at more than just 480p, so tossing it on a Blu Ray wouldn't require that much work. Ideally at this point they could do a fancy Deluxe Edition Blu Ray with additional special features, etc. You can keep the stereo soundtrack, but if you wanted to get real fancy, you can have the band come in and help mix a fancy 7.1 soundtrack, but that's not really necessary.
  4. I was a bit of a jackass, I apologize. But I still think I'm right .
  5. Again...you guys are missing the point I'm trying to make. The point I'm trying to make is not whether Wilco SHOULD release it on Blu Ray. Whether or not it makes fiscal sense is entirely up to the band/management/record company. They're probably using some formula like $X put into transferring to HD - (number of predicted copies sold x profit per copy) that will determine whether or not they actually release it. But, it seems like someone made thought this was a good idea, because there was, at some point, an effort to release it on Blu Ray. Personally, I don't care whether it comes out or not. The political issues with the band speaking out against the Blu Ray release are another wrinkle that I'm ignoring here. What bothers me is the belief that a Blu Ray release would not provide any audio/video benefits. When I was talking about super expensive involved transfers, I was referring to older movies, where the print may have degraded, or there are other technical issues. Something like Star Wars, It's a Wonderful Life, or Wizard of Oz. Those are the kinds of movies where a transfer would cost a lot of money. To do a transfer of a movie like that, each frame of the movie has to be gone over and touched up. But, the results are usually amazing, with old movies looking like they did when they came out in the theatre. They not not have to go into this kind of detail for IATTBYH. I have no idea how much a decent HD transfer would cost for IAATBYH. However, it is a more recent movie, and it does not need the kind of restoration work something like Star Wars, Wizard of Oz or It's a Wonderful Life may need. When they did the initial transfer of the film to digital for DVD, they may even have done an HD transfer and scaled it down for DVD. If they already have an HD copy of the film from the original film transfer, it would make it even easier to do a Blu Ray release. They would have to fuck things up royally to do a bad transfer. But, it seems from other comments that I've read that whoever is doing the Blu Ray transfer cares, and wants to do a good job. From a viewer's perspective, the video would be improved by being in a higher resolution, and less compression - it would be the closest thing to watching it in a theatre. There may be artistic issues (grain, cameras being out of focus, etc.) that may be more clear in a Blu Ray release, but I can't really speak on those. Sound would also be improved - they could use audio that's less compressed, and even mix it into multi-channel audio if they chose to do so (although I believe they're leaving it in stereo). As a whole, the band wants to put out a quality product, I can see that, that's one of the reasons I like them. While they dabble in many areas, at the core, the band is musicians, and maybe don't have a complete technical understanding of what a Blu Ray transfer would entail. It seems like they are assuming that just because the movie is grainy black and white and stereo that a Blu Ray transfer is pointless. I took the quote to mean that they may not understand the benefit of a Blu Ray release for IATTBYH. However, they are not video technicians - there is not technical reason as to why a Blu Ray transfer would not look/sound better. There are technical people that have posted in this thread and in others that show, quite clearly, that a Blu Ray release would be beneficial. The people who are actually handling the Blu Ray release say it looks better. What more do you need? It seems like there are other issues blocking the Blu Ray release than purely technical ones - issues as to who owns the rights, whether the band wants it released, the issue of the band not being aware of a Blu Ray release, the price, etc. Those issues are irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make. Obviously, you won't see the kind of benefit as to DVD vs Blu Ray that you would with a more modern, technically advanced film like Watchmen or the Dark Knight. You will also need an HDTV to even begin to understand the benefits. A proper sound system would also help. It may not be for everyone, but that's not what got me involved in this thread in the first place - the point is that it would look/sound better on Blu Ray (if handled properly). If the band doesn't want to release it, that's fine, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't look/sound better. I'm pretty happy with my DVD copy of IATTBYH. Even if I watch it on an upscaling DVD player on an HDTV, it still looks pretty good, and I don't feel the need for a Blu Ray release. The DVD copy had a pretty good transfer, and it still holds up. I wouldn't be buying the IATTBYH Blu Ray. But, I can see why someone would want a Blu Ray copy, and the benefits from a proper Blu Ray transfer are undeniable.
  6. Obviously, you are (by your own admission in earlier threads) missing some of the basic knowledge required to understand the kind of benefits a Blu Ray transfer could bring. Just because there have been shitty Blu Ray transfers in the past does not mean that IATTBYH would have a shitty transfer. Also, Wilco is a group of musicians, not movie makers, they don't necessarily understand the benefits of Blu Ray either. Either way, they were speaking out about the PRICE of the disc and not the quality of the transfer (even though they did make the "grainy black and white comment," there is some misunderstanding here). There is no need to speak any further on this - there's obviously some sort of failure for you on a basic level as to understanding the benefits of Blu Ray (and technology), I recommend you do some research, and come back to this topic in about 6 months.
  7. That's fine...but that's not the point. The point is that the movie WOULD benefit from a Blu Ray transfer.
  8. I apologize for digging up an old topic, but I just wanted to toss in my two cents. I'm not a cinema geek, but I do have an eye for art. I much prefer Sam Jone's work on IATTBYH to anything I've seen the Burn to Shine guys do. In fact, I'd venture to say that the whole look of IATTBYH is one of my favorite ones (for any other project, it would likely be completely unsuitable, but it fits perfectly here). I'm sure that the BTS stuff is shot a lot more cleanly and properly, but the vibe of IATTBYH is just through the roof. It might be a combination of the music, the story, etc., but IATTBYH does it for me much more than Sunken Treasure, Ashes, etc. (although they are different types of movies). In fact, Sunken Treasure and Ashes leave me kind of flat - the cinematography is boring to me compared to IATTBYH. Anyways, not trying to incite riots, just tossing out a different viewpoint...
  9. Apparently, I must not. What exactly is your opposition to a Blu Ray transfer of older movies? It sounds like you're saying that movies shot on film will see little or no benefit from a transfer to Blu Ray (which is 100% false). I'm not some sort of Sony hired Blu Ray shill - I don't even own a Blu Ray player. But it's completely 100% wrong to think that older movies cannot benefit from a Blu Ray release. One thing I forgot to mention earlier: aside from a higher resolution transfer, HD video on Blu Ray can also be much less compressed than DVD, so less chance of seeing compression artifacts. EDIT: This post does a lot better job explaining it than I can: The technical merits of a Blu Ray transfer are unquestionable. There have been some shitty Blu-Ray versions of older movies released, but that's just due to laziness/unwillingness to spend money.
  10. This is what I mean by quality of transfer - the film grain itself is part of the nature of the film and pretty much inevitable. However, dust, scratches, etc. (other physical defects) can either be physically cleaned off the print, or removed via software. Really high quality transfers involve going over each frame. A movie like Caddyshack probably has a really poor transfer (most comedies are not known for their visual splendor), but I can guarantee you that more visually stunning movies have much higher quality transfers (couldn't tell you off hand which ones, but I'm sure there are various review sites that could tell you). If the studio really wanted it, they could have technicians produce a super high quality HD transfer of Caddyshack that would absolutely blow your socks off. However, they mat not feel that putting in the time and money into the transfer of a movie like Caddyshack is not worth it.
  11. DVD and even Blu Ray are a long ways off from film. The resolution, even in 1080p HD, isn't nearly as high as that of film. I don't remember offhand the exact numbers, but it's significant. I'm not sure what you have been watching, but just about any movie would benefit from a transfer to Blu Ray. There have been some bad Blu Ray transfers, of course, and not every movie gets a careful transfer. But, the potential is definitely there. That being said, I'm not sure how IATTBYH was shot, but it looks like it was on film and (despite being in grainy black and white), it should still benefit from a Blu Ray transfer (if for nothing else than for improved sound).
  12. That's very rude. What's wrong with starting new topics instead of digging up old ones? This is a discussion board, not an archive. If it annoys you, don't reply to the topic.
  13. The Flaming Lips. Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, Zaireeka, Clouds Taste Metallic, Hit to Death in the Future Head and THE SOFT BULLETIN. Nothing else even comes close to a run like that. Uncle Tupelo's best stuff was from the 80s, and Wilco's best stuff is 2000+.
  14. It's nothing like the Soft Bulletin, Clouds Taste Metallic, Transmissions, At War With the Mystics, or Yoshimi. If you are only a fan of those albums, you will likely not "get it." The songs are not structured at all like the songs on those albums. There is very little similarity in arrangement, feel, etc. The Flaming Lips have, once again, reinvented themselves, and some people are not going to like it, some are going to think it's trash, and that's OK, because I fucking love what they've done. The songs here are much more organic, spacey, and jam based. What it reminds me most of is earlier Pink Floyd (Ummagumma-ish era) or early Mercury Rev. Weird, trippy, jammy stuff that captures a certain feel. It's not based around lyrics or song-writing or carefully crafted chord progressions (which is a departure from previous albums, and seeing that this is a Wilco board, it's a departure from the usual Wilco style as well) AND THAT'S OK. I am not surprised that certain people don't get it, but for those that do, it's a treat.
  15. I think the best way to put it is that this album is a return to the dark/weird Flaming Lips stuff of yester-year. If you dig this album, check out some of their older stuff (Hit to Death in the Future Head, In a Priest Driven Ambulance, etc.).
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