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  1. i don't really know what to think of it so far...


    his previous style was just so great, in fact he'd surpassed DJ Shadow for me lately... i appreciate him trying something new though


    I've never heard any of the previous RJD2 albums so it's all new to me. (I did pick on the fact that his older stuff was in the DJ Shadow vein.) Listened to the new one twice last night and enjoyed it.

  2. How do you guys compare FOW to Guster? I've heard critics of both bands attack their lyrics and their fans argue that they make great pop songs and are a lot of fun. For me, I love Guster and think their lyrics are good. FOW, on the other hand, are sugary-sweet poppiness that catches me instantly but wears off quickly.


    Edit: As I was writing, Troubled Times came on. That's a great song with great lyrics.

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