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  1. Dirty will find a way to screw this up. I mean Trent Dilfer won a super bowl but there is no way Sanchez gets through the next two weeks without messing this whole thing up. I'm not a Pittsburg fan but would find it quite humorous if the Jets knock off the Pats/Colts and fail to beat the Steelers.
  2. Wait for it. I mean Braylon did push off on that last reception. I didn't catch it til the replay so I'll give the refs the benefit of the doubt. But I'll put the blame on the Colts coach. The guy is out of his element and was outcoached by Payton in the superbowl and now Rex Ryan. Manning should do himself a favor and dump the Colts. Here we go again beat over the head with New York vs Boston. The sports world seems to never get enough of this game. I'm guessing the Patriots will treat the Jets much like Roethlisburger treats his dates.
  3. The next Reggie Bush. Rich Rod the next Pete Carroll.
  4. Rich Rod is doing great things for Michigan. It appears that they are adopting more of a "Gotta pencil get the fook in there" philosphy when it comes to building a football program". I'm expecting they should be able to compete with the SEC in a few years.
  5. Someone should've asked the Saints owner how he desperately tried to move the Saints out of town. Colts had no chance tonight. On a good note I hope to never hear the word Katrina again.
  6. I've never before seen a coach purposely demoralize a team. Who blows a chance to shut up the 72 Dolphins? And why do I cheer for teams who are coached by pussies with molestaches. That Colts game was horseshit. The Patriots are playing awesome and the Colts are laying down. All in time for the playoffs. God Dammit I wish I was from New England.
  7. After today I'm thinking Drew Brees MVP and I can't believe I'm saying this about a Norv Turner coached team but San Diego wins the Superbowl.
  8. Exactly. With the dissapearance of the student athelete, Notre Dame will never win in this environment. I actually liked Weis simply because his offense was fun to watch. And they lost very close games all year and I'm convinced if Weis would've had one more year with the same team the outcome would've been a bit different..maybe 2 or 3 losses instead of 6. Until they lower there standards to that of a community college they will never play for a national championship.
  9. You sure that isn't Jason Isbell.
  10. Better get Jimmy Hardballs before it's too late.
  11. Patriots dominated that game and I'm sure the outcome will be different if they meet in the playoffs. I have to question where the deep passes went to in the 2nd half. Belichick called off the dogs on that makeshift secondary.
  12. I tried to find the video of Bill getting in the way of Marvin Harrison on the sideline so he couldn't make a play on an interception return but I can't find it.
  13. I've always wanted the Colts to get another shot at an AFC championship in Foxboro...even though common sense tells me that the Colts are not madeup to play on a field in those conditions in Jan. And Teddy Bruschi will just end up taunting the Colts after the game. I don't think you can rule out Denver. That defense is great but at somepoint this season Kyle Orton will get back to reality.
  14. Colts will defintely drop 1 to Houston or Jacksonville. I'm guessing they'll drop 2 of 3 (Denver, Baltimore, or NE). And I agree there is a good chance they will bow out in the first round of the playoffs.
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