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Solo Version of Walken

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Could anyone help me out with it? I have no clue, save for the fact it is in Open G.


are you looking for the solo in Walken, or the solo acoustic version?

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thanks for pointing that out!


crap - I had a smartass response all typed out when I saw you edited the thread title :lol


This is a good place to start: http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=16596 You can google around and get various chord fingerings for open G tunings.


In the solo acoustic versions, Tweedy does a fingerpicking thing during the chords. This is not at all my forte, but try alternately picking the 5th string with your thumb and the upper 3 strings with your middle or ring finger. Perhaps an expert can help you a little better, but this will get you close.

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