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Shepherd's Bush Empire, 20th May '07

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Here's my 'experience' last night.

I read some comments on the webcast thread, so I thought I'd use some of them to start off


1. Side with Seeds

2. You Are My Face


4. Handshake Drugs

5. Shot in the Arm

6. Impossible Germany

7. Sky Blue Sky


9. Shake it Off

10. Muzzle of Bees

11. Hummingbird

12. Via Chicago

13. Jesus, etc.

14. Walken

15. I'm the Man Who Loves You


16. Late Greats

17. War on War

18. Poor Places

19. Spiders


20. What Light

21. Airline to Heaven

22. Be Not So Fearful (w/ Bill Fay)

thanks echo...

some fan was saying something. Jeff goes "you don't get to talk to me", the fan goes yes "i can", Jeff angrily replies "no you cannot" then jumps into a hard Muzzle of Bees and says during the song " see what you do to me!" pretty cool, now he jumps into via chicago. funny,"dreamed about killing you last night"

there wasn't anything 'angry' about it, Jeff was smiling, the rest of the audience was laughing, it was funny.

no, i'd love to get a copy though. some brits come across harsh and rude, but is the norm there

is it indeed...!?


Jeff wasn't moody last night, in fact, he was more relaxed and more smiley than usual (for London?). He made a reference to past 'problems' in London, but he's done so many shows since that 'incident', I wonder if he'll ever get over it. The last show I saw him at was his solo show which was also at the Empire, and he was very chatty, the audience loved him, he seemed to have a great time.... "Jeff, it's in the past!" ;)

I think what happened in "Muzzle" was he simply forgot the words for a second... possibly because of the chat going into the song, but he just laughed it off, not moody in the slightest.

7 (?) songs from SBS, and they all sounded better live (as expected :yes ), but they still missed a cuple of my favourites, 'Either Way' and 'On & On & On'... maybe tonight?? Jeff asked who would be going the next night, as not many people responded, he laughed and said "cool, we can do the same set again", but then said that they'd be doing a completely different set, so if you wanted to get the whole Wilco 'ouevre' (his word ...), you'd need to go again (even though it's sold out), I shall be returning..... Pat seemed to contribute a little more guitar-wise.

The show was fantastic. With the line-up they have now, Wilco are like some kind of orchestra, the instrumentation and the arrangements are amazing, you get the feeling they could play any type of music they feel like..... 'twas lovely.

Tonight I'm hoping for California Stars, Reservations, Company In My Back, and a healthy dusting off of Summerteeth... Can't Stand It, I'm Always In Love, ELT, Nothingsever etc, Candyfloss (well, I can hope :P )... oh, and Something In The Air!

If it's anything like as good as last night (they could do the same set..), I'll be happy...

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Gutted. Had tickets for the show and then proceeded to throw my back out mid-afternoon, so didn't make it in. Sounds like a blinder. If anyone finds a copy ofthe show online, let me know so I can listen to it over and over, cursing my wonky spine.

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Also at the show. It's only my second Wilco show ever, so I don't really have a frame of reference.


I have to agree with TonyBlair that Jeff certainly wasn't pissed off. It just came across badly over the internet, I'd imagine. The whole band were smiling loads.


'Hummingbird' was great tonight, but to be honest I loved it all. Wasn't a duff song. Bill Fay was great too (apparently first time he's been on stage in over 30 years! according to uncut blog review of the show). 'Leat Greats' was also good to hear live.


'Spiders' was amazing to witness live, although I wanted to rock out a little more. Nice touch at the end, just as people started cheering thinking it was the end, they came right back in there.


New material was well recieved by the crowd and I'd agree that it was edgier than on the record. 'You Are My Face', 'Impossible Germany' and 'Walken' were my favourites of the new stuff.

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My first Wilco show... and wow, what can I say? It was mindblowing. I was absolutely astounded by the energy put into everything, especially by Nels Cline and Glenn Kotche, but all of them really...it was insane. Highlights included Via Chicago, Poor Places, ALTWYS and Be Not So Fearful, but it was hard to pinpoint when it was such an all round great show.


Jeff seemed on good form, pretty relaxed and the interaction was light hearted, not pissed off at all.


I really enjoyed the support as well, Ruarri Joseph, he seemed like a nice guy and had a great voice.

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