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  1. I enjoyed the Tweedy show at the Palladium more than this. I like his chat. I'm very glad I went though. An average Wilco show is better than most oh, and me and my wife both got punched, in the face by a lunatic girlfriend of a guy who was drunk and kept pushing into us. I asked him to stop, and she layed into the both of us. It didn't hurt or anything it was just a random end to the show..!?!?
  2. Loved the show (as usual). Amazing sound. And the new arrangements of some of the songs was great. But..... the newer songs (from the last 2 or 3 albums) just aren't that good. Too much of the set felt like filler material compared to so many songs they could do. And Jesus Etc a mood killer? Far from it, for me. I'd put either night of Shepherds Bush Empire, and either night from the Roundhouse, and The Roxy, The Forum (maybe my favourite) and ... actually, most other London shows I've enjoyed more.
  3. the Europeans are in Europe. Usually when they tour here (I'm in Europe) there are people giving set lists and opinions on the shows. There doesn't seem to be anything anymore...
  4. Very underwhelming I'm afraid. Jeff's voice doesn't seem to be up to much any more. That hardly singing/almost talking style doesn't work (for me). By the way, these forums seems pretty quiet. Is it because the Wilco site doesn't have a link anymore (none that I can see anyway)?
  5. hate to say it, but I agree. Maybe not for the same reasons, but I just got the album, and apart from 2 or 3 tracks, it's pretty devoid of much that I want to hear again. What's with the whispering vocal style? Jeff has a great voice, but not here.
  6. I can't remember the last time I bought a ticket for something more than a year ahead.... whenever I've seen them do 2 shows, it's always been like one long show broken up with a day long interval
  7. I think the 'angst' over the English went years ago he did mention the Blitz again though
  8. I saw Humble Pie at the London Palladium in the 70's. I also saw Liza Minnelli and Shirley Maclaine there too (took my mum), but they're not exactly rock concerts. oh, just remembered, I saw Paul Simon there too on his first solo shows after after the break up of Simon & Garfunkel. I think there have been quite a few 'rock' concerts there in the past oh, and (my memory..!?!) I saw Marvin Gaye there. How could I forget that!? does he do Wilco's sound too? if so, he's amazing.
  9. The "5 dudes" comment was after he'd pointed out that there were 5 seats in the front row that had been empty all night. He then asked if anyone was going to sit there, and then when it was 5 guys, he sort of sighed, and said "5 dudes..." The sound was unbelievable, but then it usually is for Wilco too. I was in the balcony, and there were small speakers hanging from the ceiling that seemed to help make for a fantastically clear vocal sound. A lovely evening
  10. if you only enjoyed because it was something that other people would have liked..?? really? that seems as odd as any reason to me. Kind of "yea, but I was there and you weren't ... nyer nyer"
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYMpK71_otU a whole 9 hour chunk of the festival... go to about 5 hours 13 minutes in for Wilco
  12. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road... ... his most over-rated album imo.. the beginning of the end. If he stuck to material he'd recorded up until that one, I'd be there like a shot.
  13. Patrick (Mathe) was who we worked with mostly (I think!)... I vaguely remember Louis... (sorry Louis). The french seemed to love us, we loved the french, so it was all good. Some of my best memories are of touring France. That's probably why I get a little defensive (for them) when people criticise them. It happens so often, is really dumb, and based on nothing but jealousy as far as I can tell!
  14. really cool! a Wilco fan who liked my band.. that's cool... very cool we played in France more than any other country. We loved it, the french (seemed to) love us... the gig at le Maroquinerie was one of the most enjoyable we ever did. I love the set up there. From a performers perspective, looking out at a banked/wall of punters is almost unbearably inspiring. I always remember, whoever our tour agent was, every one of them struggled to find us a venue in Paris that ever made any money. Paris was the first place we played outside of the uk... we had a fan who ran the Gibus club, which was
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