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We're Back, but please read for upcoming outage announcement!

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Cross-posted from Just A Fan:


The forum is back! There was a little fix that needed to be done, but we're in the process of transferring control of the tech side of things, and this fell through the cracks. I've been told that our current techie guru is going to "do a full backup today and probably do an OS restore/upgrade on Tue evening, with the site being down for possibly up to 24-48 hours (hopefully much much less than that if all goes well, but just giving worst case scenario)." Then things should be transferred over to the new tech person, and we'll go on from there.


I'll keep you posted if anything changes, but for now, that's the plan.


So: prepare to settle in on Tuesday for a day or so of entertaining yourself with the Olympics and whatever else is available to you, and we'll be back sometime Wednesday-Thursday in tip-top fighting shape.



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