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Need Photographs for Via Chicago 2013 Calendar

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Our ever-so-devoted moderator, gogo, has been trying to assemble a Via Chicago calendar for 2013, but we are in need of greater representation from our membership. Do you have a photo or two you would consider submitting for inclusion in the calendar? No need to be a professional; we are looking for interesting and unique photos by our members. Here are some criteria to consider in submissions:


  • Please submit only images that you took, you own the rights to, and you're willing to let VC distribute freely, as part of our fund-raising.
  • Please get your pictures in by no later than next Friday, December 7th.
  • If we get more submissions than we can use for the calendar, the moderating staff reserves the right to pick our favorites.  We don't want to create any hard feelings, but there are so many talented VCers out there...
  • Please note the image-size recommendations for calendars, from zazzle (if your image doesn't meet those criteria, we'll work with it as much as possible)

For more information, please visit this thread: http://viachicago.org/topic/47978-via-chicago-2013-calendar


One more reminder, from gogo: "One thing to keep in mind, this has come up in the past when we asked for submissions for shirts, etc.:  we cannot/will not/do not sell Wilco merch. Anything with vague allusions to lyrics, etc. is fine, but we do want to be careful with that. So even though I cross-posted in the Wilco photo contest thread, we're really not looking for the same thing they're looking for. No specifically Wilco-y pics, please."


Ok, photogs, get crackin'! Time is short - we need these no later than this Friday, Dec. 7th. Let's flood gogo with stunning photographic artwork! :) We can't wait to admire your talent!



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