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Finding VC on Tapatalk?

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I have a Tapatalk account and the current release of the app that works fine for other fora on my iPhone, but I cannot find Via Chicago on there, though I've tried many permutations of search terms.  I see other users posting with Tapatalk taglines so it must work for some of you.


Any hints?





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Yeah, every time I come to this page in Safari, I get the 'open in Tapatalk' banner but if I click it, I get my Tapatalk app with my other forums listed but nothing for VC. Searching for Via Chicago in Tapayslk just yields a million Chicago-related hits.

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Hmmm. It just takes me to the app, the probably because I'm already signed in. Why don't you try reposting on tongue tied Lightning sub forum? More people read that and might be able to help.



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