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First go at it


Where Do I Begin


G            D/F#

Alright, at least you cried

C                                    Bm

A point of pride has turned into

C                                A

What was we where me meets you

G                                          D/F#           C

From where we end to where do I begin




We’re so alone we’re never alone


Forever in debt to the stomach I get


Where things can’t be known, our paths overgrown


From where we end to where do I begin



Why can’t we tell when we’re in hell?


Why can’t I say something to make you well?


When things can’t be seen, confine with you’re a dream (?)


From where we end to where do I begin

 G                                          D/F#           C                       

From what was left behind to you my friend

G                                          D/F#           C

I won’t ever, ever, ever fall apart like that again

G                                   D/F#           C

From where we are to where do I begin




G  D/F# C




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Jeff starts with a G barre chord at fret 3.  Does the D/F# by moving the low E from G to F#.  Plays the first C chord as a barre at 3rd fret (then does a sus on the barre C by hitting the G and B strings at fret 5), then Bm, then a full C chord, then A7.  Then chorus is a full G chord (not barre) to a D7 (with a move to the 4th fret of the G string with it looks like his ring finger) then to full chord C.  

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