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My band just got some airplay in SWEDEN!

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My song "Break My Heart" was just played on this fantastic SWEDISH radio show, also broadcast in San Francisco, and now archived as a podcast!

And the DJ had some really nice things to say about the song (and about my band, in general) on the air, too!


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And now...

He's playing another song of mine again THIS week!

Not sure if it's going to be "Break My Heart" again, or another one, but I am super psyched. 
And, I guess that it airs in both Sweden and the UK. So… cool!
Here's the blurb:


This weeks show comes with a bumper crop of killer tunes from New York Dolls, The Martial Arts, fuzzbubble, The Solarflares, The Yardbirds, The Optic Nerve, The Sunchymes, The Keys, Swedish Polarbears, Hop On Pop, Bubblegum Lemonade, Ride (band), The Zou Bisou, The Chiffons, Brideshead, Junebug, The Galileo 7 The Pretty Things and more.
First airing Wednesday 7pm CET, 6pm UK, Tune In.
Like I said, I'm in good company!
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How did you find out they played it?   I've been in a few bands that got radio play, but we only knew about it because we'd hear the songs when they came on.

The show's host contacted me and told me how much he liked my tunes, and that he picked up a couple to play on his show. So I followed his FB page where, prior to the show airing, he posts a list of a bunch of the bands that he'll be playing that week.

Then, to find out which song it was that he played, I just check out the show -- in my case, after it's been archived as a podcast. He's been really flattering to me/us, and not just played our music, but said some really nice things on the air, too. (This is the second time he's played us.)

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That's great.  I remember the first time I heard a song on the radio that I had played on.  That was an exciting moment, and it still makes me feel good that WREK here in Atlanta reruns our in-studio live performance from 1996 every six months or so.

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