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Suffering some serious GAS

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I don't know what it is, my up coming birthday or the fact that since my then girlfriend now wife moved in with her two kids (along with my 3) left me with no place to play so my guitars have been in storage for 1 1/2 years but now that my oldest went away to college space has freed up and I can soon play again, but I'm GASing big time. 


The other day I stopped by Sam Ash on my way home and checked out a Taylor T5z, I never really gave them much of a thought, I have plenty of acoustics and electrics, why would I need one of these, but I had to check it out, beautiful Koa top, like I could sleep with it, I don't know what I expected but Holy Christ, not this, not even plugged in and it was perfect, nice Taylor sound just slightly muted, perfect for playing while kids are sleeping, plugged it into a Fishman Loudbox, once again perfect, sounds great, similar in sound to my Taylor GA8e, plugged into a Fender and this thing screams.  I have to have one, just need to find the money, so...


Having spent that long away from my babies I'm rethinking things, I never really played my basses that much anyway, plus I loaned them to a friend's son a year ago, so they can go, a have other acoustics (my Tweedy Breedlove and Martin) so the Taylor can go, I have the Tweedy SG and an Epiphone Les Paul so I can lose my PRS SE Singlecut, so hows that sound, I'll trim down the herd, and sell four guitars to pick up one.

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I did it, for almost exactly what I sold my Taylor GA8e and PRS SE Singlecut for i  got a Taylor T5z Custom and she is sweet!!!  It took time and patience and I got less for both guitars then I was hoping, but in the end I got a beautiful T5z for a lot less then they were going for, I got real lucky.



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