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Jeff Tweedy in Champaign

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We showed up right before Tweedy came on stage. I didn't really know what to expect in terms of other players, but it was just him and his guitar. And a harmonica.


It was a fantastic show and he had this great rapport with the crowd. Funny, endearing, a little self deprecating. He really seemed like he was having a good time and it showed in the way he put his heart into his performance...




Some dude in the audience yelled out "play something for Jay Bennett!" Or something like that. I don't know. But it really caught Tweedy off guard. Hurt him and it stuck with him. He shot back and there was this awkward banter that ensued and then he started California Stars because he and Jay had written it together.


Even after California Stars, Tweedy was visibly disturbed at what must have seemed to him to be a hostile crowd. But it was anything but that. A couple of dickheads in the crowd for sure, but the overwhelming majority of those in attendance were there because we love Jeff Tweedy and Wilco. Being Bennett's home town, there were many in the crowd who knew Jay well and knew more than most did about what went down between Jeff and Jay, but we were there anyway and still love them both.

He played one more song after California Stars then came out for a two song encore. Everything from California Stars and after still sounded good, but it had all gone from this intimate, close performance to something else. He was no longer having fun and just wanted to go back home.

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Check out the After The Show forum for discussion about this show. And too bad you missed James Elkington, because he was excellent.


I know. I really like him but it didn't work out that we were able to get there in time. My son is a junior at ISU and he had a class that ended at 7:00, so we were really cutting it close to get there by the time Tweedy started.


Thanks for the tip on finding other discussions about this show. I wasn't sure where to look / post about it.

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