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I have this table: 




It is wood, but painted white. It is looking less than stellar and only about 2 years old. I am a novice when it come to maintaining 'good' furniture. I have tried google, but to put it lightly there is too much information. Wax, polish, varnish, sealants oh my!   


Anyone a DIY'er who has had to spruce up painted wood who has advice? 





(PS it was a wedding present from our families)


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From what I can see from the link it is most likely a whitewashed  birch plywood maybe laid over a manufactured wood core. If you are wanting to maintain the whitewash look you are pretty limited. I would guess wax might be your best bet for protecting that without changing the appearance. Any kind of stain or polish is almost definitely going to change the look so be prepared for that. You might be able to lightly sand(hand with paper) a sample spot on the bottom and try a product or two  and see what your results are. I'm not a huge fan of waxing. We had a butcher block counter section that I used to wax regularly because it just doesn't last on surfaces that see a lot of use. 

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